The month of February has been divinely tagged the “month of our help to keep going” with the anchor scripture from Acts 26:22.The first step to receiving help to keep going is to acknowledge God’s goodness. Today God is asking you to remember to acknowledge all His goodness and mercies toward you (Psalm 103:1-2).


Just as God reminded the children of Israel to remember the various wonders He wrought in delivering them from the land of Egypt, bearing them throughout the perilous journey in the desert and settling them in the Promised Land; God is asking us today to remember all He that has done for us. There is danger in forgetting what God has done and basking in your achievements, your current position and whatever material comforts you now enjoy.God charged the children of Israel not forget Him who made it possible when they got to the Promised Land.(Deuteronomy 6:10-12)


5 important things to remember:-

  1. Remember He healed you: There can be no healing without forgiveness. In Psalm 103:3, we see that forgiveness precedes healing. You may think you have no ailment and no need for healing; but if you remember that the wages of sin is death (Mark 2:1-4) you will appreciate what God has done for you in spite of your sins. For God to heal, He has first forgiven you.
  2. Remember His protection: He has been protecting you from your youth. He has, on countless occasions, protected you from injuries, from accidents, from mishaps and from untimely death. One of the reasons God has protected you and I, is so that we can testify to His goodness and mercies (Psalm 107:8-16).
  3. Remember His provisions: It is not your job, your salary or your pay packet that sustains you. It is God that satisfies your mouth with all good things so that your youth is renewed as the eagles. (Psalm 103:5) .He satisfies the longing soul and fills them with goodness.(Psalm 107:8) You must remember to thank God for all His provision for you and your loved ones, so as to avoid emptiness and desolation. (Deuteronomy 8:11-18).
  4. Remember His mercies: (Psalm 103:46; Lamentations 3: 22). It is not because you are smart or because you are clever or luck that gave you such a wonderful spouse, gave you good children, gave you a good job or gave you your settlement in the land. It is not because you are smart. It is the mercies of the Lord.
  5. Remember His help in times past: In many of life’s past troubles, God was your help. There were several situations in the past when all seemed lost and there was no hope. Looking back, it could only have been God that saw you through. (Psalm 116:5-6;Isaiah 59:19a;Psalm 124:8).


In conclusion it is important to keep testifying to the goodness and mercies of God; even if friends and relatives deride or belittle your testimony. None of them could have done what God did for you. Therefore, share your testimonies and celebrate with those who share theirs. Therein lie the seeds of more testimonies. God bless you and have a great week.