Abraham Lesson 25 – A leap of faith

(Read Genesis 24:55-end)

Discussion points

  1. Love is kind! Rebekah’s relations wanted her to spend some more time with them, though they consented to her marriage (verse 55)
  2. Abraham’s servant never lost sight of his purpose for coming to Rebekah’s relations; once his wish was granted, he requested to be released (verse 54 and verse 56). His focus was on returning home to report to his master.
  3. Rebekah showed a remarkable willingness to leave everything she knew in order to be with a bridegroom she had never seen. Her words “I will go” were worthy words of faith, she took a leap of faith and trusted God all the way. (verse 57- 58). Our faith puts God to work and ensures that all things work together for our good in the end. (Romans 8:26-28)
  4. As Parents, we can guide our children and pray for them when making important decisions in life but we must be careful not to force them to do anything according to our wish. Rebekah’s family respected her decisions and supported her. (verse 57-58).
  5. Entrusting our children in the hands of complete strangers, especially in times like this may not be a wise decision. Her family allowed her nurse to follow her, to make sure that she had company, also to cater for her physical and emotional needs. (verse 59)
  6. Constant prayers over our children are essential to ensure they all do well in life. Rebekah was sent off with great and powerful prayers even unto generations unborn. (verse 60)
  7. God hears our secret heartfelt prayers. Abraham’s servant prayers (verses 12-14) were answered speedily (verse 61)
  8. Meditation and spending time alone with God allow for developing personal relationship with God. Isaac’s practice of praying and meditating ensured that his marital destiny was settled even in his absence. (Genesis 62-63)
  9. Submission and humility are from the heart. For Rebekah, she was not only humble to serve Abraham’s servant (verses 15-20) but also very modest and respectful when she met Isaac; she came down from her camel, though tired, and covered her face with a veil (verse 64-66)
  10. God is perfect in all his ways! Though three years had passed since Isaac’s mother’s death, God finally brought him comfort and joy in the person of his wife, Rebekah. (verse 67)



Trusting God Completely

  1. Abraham’s servant was focused and urgent regarding his mission, he refused to be hindered. We must stay focused and avoid distractions at all cost to achieve our goals in life.
  2. It is usually uneasy to part with our loved ones, especially when they live extremely far away from us. However, there are times we must let go so destiny and purpose can be fulfilled.
  3. When we decide to go with the lord, there will be distractions and hindrances but we must remain decisive and resolute. (Matthew 19:29, Job 17:9)
  4. It can be very difficult to release our children to make life choices, of their own, but we can trust God to lead them right and if we have brought them up in the way of the Lord, they will not miss destiny. (Proverbs 22:6; Proverbs 29:17)
  5. It is good to sow good seeds. Rebekah went to the well without any helpers and honoured Abraham’s servant. But her family allowed her helper (nurse) to follow her to Isaac’s house. (Acts 20:35; Hebrews 13:16)
  6. Prayer is a weapon that addresses present and future matters. (Numbers 6:24-26)
  7. Whenever we are uncertain about any matter, we must trust God completely and let Him handle everything. God the maker of heaven and earth knows the answers to all life’s questions and resting in him alone grants us peace on our journey. (Proverbs 3:5-6; Isaiah 26:3)
  8. We befriend God by meditating on his Word. Times of meditation are times God brings matters clearer to us, strengthens our heart in his word, leading us, teaching us to wait on him until he confirms his promises to us (Habakkuk 2:1-2)
  9. By covering herself with a veil, Rebekah demonstrated chastity, modesty and submission which reflects how the church would be presented to Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2)
  10. No matter what we have been through, God always bring our joy back! Isaac was satisfied in this marriage and he absolutely loved his wife. This is what happens when we walk in the will of God (Gen 24:67, Psalm 30:5b; Isaiah 35:10)


Prayer Points

  1. Lord I trust you completely, and surrender my life to you, lead me in the right path.
  2. Father, this is our year of unlimited progress, remove every obstacle and hindrances that may want to stop us or anyone in our family this year in Jesus name.
  3. Father, I hand over my children unto you, guide them in their ways, let every decision we as parents (and they) take align with your will for their lives.
  4. Father my mind is fixed on you alone, keep me in perfect peace for I put my trust in you. Anything that may want to disrupt my peace, O Lord, take it away from my life.
  5. O Lord strengthen us in prayer until our change comes. In these last few months of the year, put great testimonies in our mouths.
  6. Lord, please give me grace to humble myself before you so you can lift me up for your glory.
  7. Father terminate pain, discomfort and disappointments in our lives and in the lives of our children for the remaining days of this year and beyond.
  8. Lord, let gladness and joy take over our lives and give us reasons to constantly give you thanks.
  9. Father, help my children and children’s children to possess the gates of their enemies. Give me and my descendants sweatless victory over all our enemies in life.
  10. Merciful God, please let all the women trusting you for the fruit of the womb in FA become mothers of thousands of millions.

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