Isaac Lesson 1 – Winning The War Within

(Read Genesis 25:19-26)

Discussion points

  1. There is a special focus on Isaac here as the preferred son because of the covenant relationship God had with him. Abraham had many sons but Isaac was the child of promise. (Verse 19)
  2. Isaac demonstrated the quality of a good husband by praying for Rebecca’s needs. He loved his wife and entreated (i.e. pleaded with the Lord for her.) (Verse 21)
  3. Confronted by 20yrs of his wife’s barrenness, Isaac rose to the test and earnestly turned to God in prayer. Friends, to win the war within, Prayer is the master key. (Verse 21)
  4. The process of conception is not just a physical event but a supernatural one, it is God who blesses and opens the womb and we should not take this for granted. (Verse 21b) Psalm 127:3
  5. As Christians when we go through difficult or challenging situations, it is expedient we go in prayers and seek the wisdom of the Lord during that time. Rebecca unexpectedly experienced complications with the pregnancy as she had violent reactions within her womb and was almost blaming God for that blessing like we sometimes do but for the good example and mentorship of her husband in prayers. (Verse 22)
  6. There is divine revelation in the place of prayer. When Rebecca enquired from the LORD about her struggles, He revealed to her the number of children in her womb, their gender, and the destiny of those sons. (Verse 23)
  7. God’s answers to our prayers may exceed our expectations, and may even be contrary to all human thoughts. Rebecca only knew she had conceived but was not expecting twins and that these twins will become fathers of nations. (Ephesians 3:20) (Verse 23)
  8. We need to clearly recognize that God holds it as His own prerogative to choose. “In order that God’s purpose according to His choice might stand” God states the elder shall serve the younger. God chose to go against the accepted pattern of the younger serving the older as it is the custom in those days. (Romans 9:10-13), (Verse 23)
  9. God’s principle of election is divine and does not factor in our works. It is purely grace. (Malachi 1:2-3), Ephesians 2:8-9 (Verse 23)
  10. All of God’s promises always comes to pass, Rebecca gave birth to twins just as God had told her. (Isaiah 46:10, Verse 24) and the circumstances surrounding the birth of each child were responsible for their names. Esau referred to the hairiness and hair colour of the first-born child. Jacob referred to the way the second-born was holding on to the heel of his brother. (Verse 25-26)



  1. As Christians, to experience God’s promises in our waiting season, we must learn to persevere in prayers. There are times when the Lord may answer us the very first time, we ask of Him. But there are also times when He will only grant what we ask for after we have prayed for a long time. we must not be discouraged, Isaac had to wait for 20 years before his prayers were answered with double mercy. Psalm 27:14(Verse 26b)
  2. We can see from the life of Isaac that the prayers of a husband for his wife have a special effectiveness. Gen 25:21
  3. God chooses according to his divine wisdom, love, and sovereignty. Gen 25:23, John 15:16
  4. God’s election does not necessarily follow human conventions. As Christians we are not to question God’s choice. Romans 8:33, Ephesians 1:4
  5. Though God had promised to multiply Isaac’s family, he had to pray for it. Genesis 26:4
  6. We should always be patient in trusting God to answer our prayers. Hebrews 10:36, Romans 12:12
  7. For every Christian there will always be a season of waiting on the Lord. Isaiah 58:11
  8. What God wants to find in us is not just faith to look to Him in prayer, but faith to prevail with Him in prayer. Isaiah 64:6
  9. At times our faith needs to be stretched to its very limits in order to develop further. (James 1:3)
  10. God works out his purposes contrary to what we think. His ways are not are our ways, neither are his thoughts our thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

Prayer Points

  1. Father make me your preferred choice for special generational blessings.
  2. Abraham experienced delay in childbirth so also Isaac, Father terminate every delay and vicious cycles in my lineage today. I must not suffer what my fathers suffer, my children must not suffer what I suffered in Jesus mighty name.
  3. Lord, make my prayers powerful and effective, give me the grace to intercede fervently and let my prayers attract speedy answers in Jesus name.
  4. Your words says it is only your blessing that makes rich and add no sorrow, Father give me blessings that will give me joy for the rest of my life. I reject struggles and hard labour for myself and my entire household.
  5. Father make me and my children great nations.
  6. Lord, empower all our pregnant women in FA to carry their babies to term, let all their days to be delivered be fulfilled. We come against miscarriages, premature and stillbirth blessings in Jesus name.
  7. Father remove every form of barrenness from my life and make me fruitful.
  8. O Lord give me double blessings for my waiting on you.
  9. Father terminate every delay in my life give me a miraculous breakthrough.
  10. I declare that none of my children will serve themselves, Father, make all of my children great and successful in their own right, they will not serve their mates in Jesus name.

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