Abraham Lesson 26 – A fulfilled life

(Read Genesis 25:1-11)

Discussion points

  1. There is nothing wrong biblically to remarry after the death of a spouse as Abraham did after Sarah’s death. (Verse 1)
  2. God established many races through Abraham according to his promise of making him a father of many nations. The sons of Keturah became progenitors of various Arab tribes to the East of Canaan. (Verse 1)
  3. Abraham is careful not to derail in fulfilling God’s promises through Isaac. He transferred all his wealth to him. (Verse 5)
  4. Abraham avoided trouble for Isaac by settling his other children while he yet lived. (Verse 6)
  5. Abraham sent all his other sons (from his concubines – Hagar and Keturah) away from the son of the promise (Isaac) to avoid contention in future. As Christians, we must always put away the things of the flesh and ask for the Grace not to gratify the desires of the flesh in our daily work with God. (Verse 6)
  6. Abraham enjoyed longevity in good health. He lived a remarkably long life of 175 years and died in a good old age – a fulfilled life. (Verses 7 – 8)
  7. By many measures, Abraham’s life was not perfect but he was a man of faith who had a real relationship with God, of remarkable obedience and a true friend of God. (2 Chronicles 20:7 and James 2:23)
  8. Death gathers us to our people – Those that are our people while we live, whether the people of God or the children of this world. For Abraham, his body was gathered to the congregation of the dead and his soul to the congregation of the blessed. (Verse 8b).
  9. Abrahams sons, Isaac and Ishmael buried him at a good old age in the cave of Machpelah – same place where Sarah was buried. (Verses 9 – 10)
  10. God passes his work & promises from one generation to the next. Now God would carry on the work of the Covenant first promised to Abraham through Isaac, his son. (Verse 11)


Covenant keeping God

  1. God promised to make Abraham the father of multitude of nations (Gen.17:4). The list of Abraham’s sons through Keturah, several of whom grew into nations shows fulfilment of God’s promise. (Gen.25: 1-4)
  2. Abraham gave his other children some gifts to get them started and sent them away. This he did because he did not want any threat or competition for Isaac in future. (Gen 25:6)
  3. Abraham set his house in order as a way of prudence and justice. It is Justice to provide for your family for the bible says “if a man does not provide for his own household, he is worse than an infidel”. (1 Timothy 5:8).
  4. Abraham is very careful to set Isaac apart as the child of promise while he yet lived. (Gen.25:6)
  5. The flesh and the spirit will always war against each other. Isaac’s half-brothers were sent away so no contention or feuding would occur when Abraham dies. (Gen. 25 Verse 6, Galatians 5:16 -18)
  6. We must submit and commit ourselves to God’s purpose so we can receive his blessings. Abraham showed that he submitted and committed himself to God’s purpose and God blessed him abundantly. Verses 5-6, Genesis 24:1
  7. Abraham died satisfied with life (the expression is literally “full of years” but it means more than just getting old. He couldn’t ask for anything more from life than that which God had given him). Genesis 25:8, Proverbs 3:2
  8. Abraham lived to a ripe old age of 175. This he enjoyed because of his great faith and strength; God extended his life. (Gen. 25: 7, Psalm 91:16)
  9. The blessings of Abraham did not die with him; it was transferred to Isaac. We can say that God’s blessings transcend generations. (Psalm 145:4,    Luke 1:50)
  10. When it is God’s choice, a special blessing is always attached, Isaac was God’s choice and thus God blessed him yet more and more with both   spiritual and temporal blessings even after Abraham’s death. (Gen. 17:19)

Prayer Points

  1. Father, as you did for Abraham, satisfy me and my household with long life in good health and wealth.
  2. Father, lead me and help me to always make the right decisions in life.
  3. By your mercy O Lord, let your covenant promise for my family be fulfilled.
  4. Father, bless all my children in my lifetime and even when I am no more here.
  5. Oh lord make me your friend like Abraham and let me work in total obedience with you.
  6. According to 1 Timothy 5:8, Oh lord, give me the grace, wisdom and abundance to provide for my family at all times. Make me a true and responsible father/Mother.
  7. Oh lord let your Covenant promise pass on from me to my generation (your covenant promise of good health, peace, joy unspeakable, long life, abundance and blessings).
  8. Isaac was God’s choice; oh lord make us your choice in my family and bless us with all spiritual and temporal blessings.
  9. Lord, prolong my life and when I go to my forefathers, let my children be there to bury me. I must not see the death of my children come what may Lord, I must not bury any one of them in my lifetime.
  10. Lord, grant me a fulfilling end.

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