Isaac Lesson 5 – Positioned For Blessings

(Read Genesis 26:23-end)

Discussion points

  1. God used conflicts to lead Isaac back to Beersheba, where Abraham had been before. As Christians, God uses adversities to draw us back to his presence. Verse 23
  2. God again confirms His promise to Isaac for Abraham’s sake. After the same pattern, God keeps His covenant with us for Christ’s sake. Verse 24
  3. In the atmosphere of greater contention between Isaac’s herdsmen and the Philistine herdsmen, Isaac had reason to be afraid. Here, God told Isaac to put any such fears away. Verse 24
  4. Isaac walked in the same paths of his father Abraham. Altars and tents marked Abraham’s life, demonstrating a life of worship and trust. Isaac lived like that, calling on the name of the LORD, and enjoyed the additional blessing of another well. Verse 25
  5. Abimelech and his friends paid Isaac a friendly visit, but Isaac questioned their motive for coming to him because of the way they had been hostile to him in the past – In settling friendships and correspondences, there is need to stand upon our guard in dealing with those that have acted unfairly towards us. (verses 26 -27)
  6. Abimelech and others could see that the covenant God, Yahweh, was with Isaac and had blessed him. (Verse 28)
  7. We see the tremendous practical wisdom of Isaac’s actions. He didn’t respond to evil with more evil, and he sought God’s provision along the pattern of ancient ways. (verse 28-29)
  8. Isaac demonstrates the proper way for Christians to relate to the unbelievers around them: living in peace, by faith, in order to point them to the God Who is with us and over us. (verse 30-31)
  9. There are blessings that are waiting on us, but we have to get in position to receive them. God brought many blessings to Isaac at once and He enjoyed a rich season of blessing. (verses 32-33)
  10. Esau, the son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob, went against the pattern established by Abraham, that his descendants should not marry the women of Canaan and brought grief to his parents. Genesis 24:3-4. (verse 34)



  1. Fear not, God is always there all the time for us if only we will just look. Isaac experienced a divine visitation as an assurance that God is with him wherever he may be and he was encouraged to learn to stand on the promises of God. (Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 43:1-2)
  2. The comforts and encouragements God gives us by his word should excite and quicken us to every exercise of devotion by which God may be honoured. (Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 11:28)
  3. Abraham was a man of altars, and Jacob would be a man of tents. Isaac was a man of wells, and he knew God’s constant provision. He knew by experience God could provide in many different ways, not just one. (Phillipians 4:19, Genesis 26:25)
  4. Abimelech pays a friendly visit to Isaac, in token of the respect he had for him. When a man’s ways please the Lord he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. (Prov. 16:7., Prov, 21:1)
  5. Having seen the mighty hand of God upon Isaac, Abimelech had no choice but to profess his sincerity, apologies and earnestly courts his friendship. More often than not, People are drawn to Authentic Christians. (Matthew 5:14 -16)
  6. It is good to be in covenant and communion with those who are in covenant and communion with God. In the context of that inner turmoil – God comes to Isaac and reassures him of history, relationship, continued blessing, and a future promise. Genesis 26:24)
  7. Scriptures admonishes us to live in peace with all men as much as possible, Isaac was certainly a peaceful and generous man in his giving and even in forgiveness. (Romans 12:14-18)
  8. The blessings and promises of God motivate the establishment of an altar and worship to God. (Genesis 12:7, Genesis 35:1)
  9. Hardships and trials don’t last forever, after you have drunk of the waters of ‘contention’ and ‘hatred’, you will be brought to Rehoboth, where you shall have ‘room’, yea, even to Beer-sheba, where your enemies shall seek your favor, and glorify your Lord (Psalm 30:5)
  10. Like Isaac and unlike Esau, we are called to be salt and light. But this means we need to be different. We are to be in the world but not of the world. You should stand out as different in the workplace, in the neighbourhood, at school. Isaac, for all his imperfections, was such a person. He showed himself to be a true son of Abraham. Jacob, at least by the time God was finished working with him, was also such a person. But Esau showed himself to be anything but godly. (Romans 12:1-2, Genesis 26:34, 2 Corinthians 6:14).

Prayer points

  1. Father, keep your covenants with us in FA, let all our journeys for the remaining of days in 2020 take us upward and not downward to the place of a divine encounter with you.
  2. Sweet holy spirit, we cry for your help, help us to rebuild the Altars of our hearts, the Altar of prayer, worship and service and dedicate ourselves afresh unto you again.
  3. O lord, according to Isaiah 60:14 – cause the sons of those who afflict us to come bowing to us and all those who despise us shall prostate at the soles of our feet before the end of this year in Jesus name.
  4. Lord, I declare that as from today, every eye that sees me or every ear that hears me will acknowledge the hand of the lord upon me, upon my children, upon my household both nuclear and extended, upon FA in Jesus name. Your blessings and presence will be too visible to be denied in my life as from today in Jesus name. AMEN
  5. I pray that nations will begin to seek me because of God’s blessings and glory in my life.
  6. Father, silent all my enemies permanently.
  7. Isaac was not discouraged, he kept digging; you spirit of discouragement I prevail against you in Jesus name.
  8. Monuments are not built to quitters; I refuse to give up in every good endeavor of life.
  9. This day I enter into my season of fruitfulness and enlargement spiritually, physically, relationally, ministerially and materially.
  10. Father, come what may, do not allow my children to bring me grief, pain or sorrow in any way. Order their steps to take the right decisions in life so that they can constantly mirror an eternal excellence in Jesus mighty name.


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