Isaac Lesson 3 – DEPENDABLE GOD

(Read Genesis 26:1-11)

Discussion Points

  1. In life, times of famine, crisis and adversities are inevitable, our responses and attitudes to these situations is what makes the difference. (verse 1)
  2. God forced Isaac to trust in his ability to provide, and not to do the natural thing that everybody else would be doing (verse 2)
  3. Going down to Egypt is never an option for a child of God, Egypt is a representation of the world and its desires so we must not conform to the pattern of this world. (verse 2, Romans 12:2)
  4. God wants all of us to depend on him in times of crisis and adversities, and Isaac was no exception. (verse 3 -5)
  5. Do not compromise with the world (Egypt); to stay away from the famine. God was telling him, just depend on me; I will see you through it, if you will just trust me. God told Isaac; I have sworn to give you all of this land for your ancestors. (verse 3-5)
  6. Obedience is better than sacrifice, Isaac obeyed and trusted in the commandment and will of God to provide and he stayed in the land (Gerar) as God has shown and enjoined him. (verse 6)
  7. Isaac repeated his father’s mistake by lying that Rebekah was his sister. (verse 7)
  8. Fear cripples’ destinies and it is not of God. In a bid to protect his life, Isaac was ready to give up Rebekah. ((verse 7)
  9. The truth will always be revealed no matter how long it takes, your sin will soon find you out. (verses 8-10)
  10. In spite our shortcomings, the Covenant of God is always at work to preserve and spare his own children from destruction. (verse 11)



  1. Even though Isaac’s life was singled out by God for blessing, and even though he was in the center of God’s will, he had to deal with a famine. What a reminder to us also that we can be in the “Promised Land,” the place of blessing, and still experience hardship. (2 Timothy 3:12, John 16:33)
  2. Isaac was given direct divine revelation about what he ought to do; specifically, from God, “don’t go down to Egypt”. (Genesis 26:2, Isaiah 30:21)
  3. When you go through challenges or any form of crisis in life, remember the promises of God and allow it to strengthen your faith. (Isaiah 43:2)
  4. Despite the fact that God prepared and gave Isaac many reminders of who he is, what he has done and what he promises to do. Yet, he still failed. Genesis 26:7
  5. Like his father before him, Isaac lied about his wife being his sister and puts her in danger for his own protection. Genesis 26:7,
  6. Danger and hardship will often reveal what we really believe about God and his ways. (Deut. 31:6,8)
  7. Even though Isaac was reminded of God’s past, present and future faithfulness; when pressed on every side, he chooses to save himself from danger first. (Deut. 3:2, 1 Corinthians 10:13)
  8. When God is present, we have nothing to fear (Isaiah 41:10). God commands Isaac not to go down to Egypt, but to stay in Gerar to teach Isaac and you and me that His presence will always be with us, and He can bless us no matter what the situation. God can bless us in a bad economy, a bad marriage, a difficult ministry, a challenging workplace, and so on and so forth. (Gen 26:12)
  9. Isaac became the spiritual beneficiary of a godly parent, but he had the opportunity to increase God’s blessing on him through his own obedience to God. (Genesis 26:3-5)
  10. Out of concern for his own safety, Isaac caves in to the temptation to pass off his wife as his sister, and as a result, wilfully puts Rebekah’s purity and safety at risk. Like his father, Isaac chose to fear man rather than God (Proverbs 29:25; 27:1-3)

Prayer points

  1. Verse 2 of our text today says “And the Lord appeared to Isaac and gave him a divine instruction “, Pray and say Lord speak to me now, show up for me before it is to late, show up for every member of FA, show up for all nations of the world. Grant us permanent solution to every issue bothering us right now.
  2. Every urge to relocate to a place that will cause me pain – die now!
  3. Even in the midst of scarcity, Lord, give me new testimonies and use me as an example that God still helps men!
  4. The history of scarcity and famine in my life and generation –Father, terminate it today in Jesus mighty name.!
  5. Lord, give the grace to lay down a good legacy for my Children just as Abraham did for Isaac.
  6. Every sin that I have been covering up, Lord reveal and expose them immediately so that my life can make remarkable progress.
  7. Father, exchange my fears with unshakable faith in you, let me see opportunities in every ugly situation around me and do not allow fear to cripple my destiny.
  8. Sweet Holy spirit, I need you every hour. Let your abiding presence always be with me and all my loved ones wherever we may go.
  9. Father, give me unstoppable and transferrable blessings that will live beyond me forever.
  10. The same way you insured and protected Isaac in the midst of scarcity and pandemic, Lord, protect me and my family as from today. Let your covering perpetually be over us. Remove destruction far away from us even as the year is drawing to an end.

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