Isaac Lesson 8 – Not Of Works

(Read Genesis 27:22-32)

Discussion points

  1. Isaac’s senses failed him. He was at first sceptical, and would have discovered the fraud if he could have trusted his own ears; for the voice was truly Jacob’s voice. (verse 22)
  2. We must desist from making serious decisions based on our feelings. Decisions based upon emotion (senses) rather than the guidance of the Holy Ghost will always cost you more than you were ever willing to pay – (verses 22-23)
  3. Isaac was fooled by deception and proceeded to bestow the patriarchal blessings upon Jacob which was contrary to his original plan – (verse 23b)
  4. If you behave out of character, People will easily question your roots. As Christians, you cannot behave like others who are yet to be saved. Hence, Isaac asked the question – ‘Are you really my son?’ –because Jacob’s behaviour and activities were questionable. (verse24)
  5. Isaac threw the last joker by asking for a kiss which could further expose Jacob as an impostor but Rebekah knew everyone in the family very well and had pre-empted this, hence clothing Jacob with Esau’s garment solved the riddle. (verse 26)
  6. We can summarize from this chapter that Isaac was a gullible man despite series of verification, he failed to establish the truth. – (verse 27a)
  7. Jacob fraudulently got the blessings after Isaac had been convinced it was Esau, Isaac’s sense of voice, touch, hear and smell failed him repeatedly. Beloved, while physical strength will fail, we must always pray for a discerning spirit in all that we do no matter how insignificant it may seem. (verses 27-29)
  8. The blessing was a rhetoric of God’s Covenant upon all his children. The covenant promise of Genesis 12:3 was reiterated here – The covenant promise of prosperity, Power, Pre-eminence and protection. (verses 27-29)
  9. We don’t take joy because God blesses us for our good works, but rather that despite our evil works, God continues to be faithful and lavishes his blessings upon the church solely by his grace. (Verses 27-29)
  10. God’s covenant and his promises are not dependent on our performance. (Verses 30-32)



  1. When Jacob goes to his blind father with the meal, it seems the plan is doomed from the start. Isaac knows it’s too soon for Esau to have returned, and the voice of this man claiming to be Esau sounds like Jacob. Deception is tool from the pit of hell and its consequences are not desirable. (Isaiah 29:13-15, Jeremiah 17:9)
  2. Jacob lied outrightly to Isaac insisting that he was Esau. Isaac wanted to be sure this was Esau for real, so he asked for more evidence. We must be vigilant and question the motives behind things before we fall for every plan, business idea or counsel – (Genesis 27:25, John 4:1)
  3. Jacob presented the meal in the way his father wanted. He was familiar with what will please the father. We need to study God`s way and Know what is pleasing to him. (Romans 12:1. 2 Timothy 2:15)
  4. Esau was careless and he lost the blessing –which was his inheritance, for life. We must be careful not to be careless with our sonship/heritage in Christ and with the blessings that the lord has given to us.
  5. God doesn’t bless us because we deserve it, but rather despite the fact that we actually don’t deserve it, he blesses us anyway. God doesn’t bless us because we are faithful, but rather because he is faithful.
  6. Esau was too late to get the real blessing from his father, his expectations were utterly cut off. (Genesis 27:V30-31 , Proverbs 23:18, and Proverbs 10:24)
  7. While man can be deceived, God will never be fooled by our schemes; the more intense our efforts, the greater the consequences. We must try not to be hypocrites in life for Hypocrisy is the ultimate rejection of God’s Word and ways. (Galatians 6:7, Genesis 27:30-31)
  8. There is power in the blessings of a father, hence we must always pronounce blessings upon our children at every opportunity. As the son of Abraham and receiver of the promises of God, Isaac’s prayer of blessing carries the weight of certainty and this blessing was irrevocable. (Romans 11:29, Genesis 1:28, Luke1:11-13)
  9. Even though he got the blessings he desired, Jacob suffered several consequences of his deceit. It is true that the blessings of God maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. But for Jacob, that was not the case,
  • He never saw his mother again
  • His brother was after his life
  • He was deceived in turn by his uncle Laban
  • His family was torn apart by strife
  • Esau became the founder of an enemy nation
  • He was exiled from his family for years. (1 Peter 2:1, Ps 101:7, 2 Tim. 3:13, Genesis 27: 33-49)
  1. When Esau arrived from his hunting, Isaac was shocked and he asked the question – ‘Who are you’? This is the way God would cast away every worker of iniquity at the end of time, saying I know you not – depart from me. (Matthew 7:23)

Prayer Points

  1. Holy Spirit of God, grant me a discerning spirit in my walk with you, don’t allow men to exploit my vulnerability.
  2. Father, expose and remove crafty men from my circle before they do me any harm.
  3. Father Lord, take every spirit of deceit out of my life and forgive all of my past shortcomings.
  4. Lord, give me dominion over sin in Jesus name. I don`t want to be a pathological liar like Jacob.
  5. Every power trying to cheat me out of my blessings, heaven stops and interrupts them as from today in Jesus name.
  6. Father, show me your ways and help me to do things that pleases you at all times.
  7. Whatever I will put myself into that will deprive me of eating the fruits of my labour in old age, Father Lord Please stop me now.
  8. I decree and declare with boldness that My efforts will not be thwarted in Jesus name
  9. Oh lord, as your Bona fide child, let me not miss my generational blessings and covenant promises. Let every blessing you have given to me remain irrevocable
  10. Esau’s expectation was dashed, Father, you are our expectation in this year 2020, I pray that we will not end the year in Zero, In FA, our expectations will never be cut off.

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