Monthly Focus


Anchor Scripture

I welcome you and all yours to the month of May.

To God be the glory for His faithfulness and His goodness towards us as families and Ministry from the beginning of the year. Indeed it has been our year of GLORY in every aspect of our lives and in the Ministry (Psalm 34:1-8).

The month of April was full of His power from on high as we experienced open heavens with the outpouring of His Spirit (Joel 2:28-30)
God did what He promised!

My prayer is that this POWER will remain permanent with us as individuals and as a church in Jesus name.

I, therefore, welcome you to the month of May, which is the month of the celebration of the anniversary of this great commission. It is our month of the 13th FREEDOM FESTIVAL by His grace (17th-23rd May).

In light of this, by divine inspiration, this month has been declared as our month of UNCOMMON GRACE with 1 Peter 5:10 as our golden scripture.

rom the yearly golden scripture (Psalm 84:11), it is God’s GRACE that opens the door for GLORY!
Grace is the forerunner of glory!
If our glory is going to be great this year, then we must ask for uncommon grace from God.

Paul was a nobody who was not fit for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ because he persecuted the church in his past, but grace qualified him to be a great Apostle (1Corinthians 15:9-10).
All his shame of the past was erased by God’s grace. Hallelujah!
So, grace is a qualifier! Grace is a maker!
It does not allow a person to suffer reproach or shame or delay forever.

We have the examples of other people in the Bible that enjoyed this uncommon grace and they experienced the glory at the end. People like Joseph, Gideon, David, Daniel, Esther, etc.
A study of their lives will refresh our minds on how a nonentity can be transformed into a celebrity by God’s grace (Isaiah 60:15).

So, as we celebrate the 13th anniversary of the church this month, I see the heavens open for the outpouring of His grace upon every meeting, service, family, and His church in Jesus name. Amen!
The pool of grace is stirred, let everyone get ready to jump into it for their own portion of great glory!

Let us all encourage the members under our leadership and influence to be part of all the services and programs this month (both onsite and online) so as to be partakers of God’s uncommon grace agenda of this season.
They should know how to qualify for this grace, how to operate with it, and how to retain it.

Congratulations to us all and happy anniversary!
Everyone’s testimonies of uncommon glory in our families and the church as a whole shall be heard this month in Jesus name. Amen!