Monthly Focus


Isaiah 49:8-11(NIV)

I welcome you all to the 3rd month in our year of SATISFACTION. We thank God for His Divine Leading in the month of February, and I believe it will continue to be our experience as the children of God(Romans 8:14; Psalm 32:8).

Therefore, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, the month of March has been declared as our month of: DIVINE FAOUR with Isaiah 49:8-11(NIV) as our golden scripture.
Those who are led by God always enjoy His favour, because His goodness and mercies continually follow them (Psalm 23:6).
This is why I am glad to announce to us in this commission that this is our this is our season of God’s Favour (Psalm 102:13-14)

From the golden scripture for the month, God says, because it is our time of favour, He will do the following:

Answers to our prayers/requests/desires(v8)
Help as at when due(v8)
All round protection (v8)
Making you a people of covenant (v8)
Putting things in order(v8msg)
Restoration and resettlement (v8)
Freedom from captivity (v9)
Abundance to feed on(v10
Shade from the sun and heat(v10)
Compassion (v10)
Guidance and leading (v10)
Highway for speed(v11)

Everyone who’s connected with Freedom Arena should be joyful and be fully expectant for these 12 things God has promised to do among us as a result of His favour this month (Numbers 23:19)
We also need great faith so as to believe God for what He He has said(Luke 1:45; John 11:40)
Let everyone(members, leaders and attendees of our programs and services) be sensitive in the spirit and be fervent in their service as from this month onwards, as this is the TIME OF HIS FAVOUR in this house.

The time for God to favour us has come!
This month shall be full of great testimonies in our services and new in experience in all our lives in Jesus name.