Monthly Focus


Anchor Scripture

I welcome you and all yours to the month of March.

We thank God for the the OPEN HEAVENS we enjoyed (and still enjoying) in the month of February.

One of the benefits of Open Heavens is the limitless progress, that is going forward without limits. Surely in this month of March we will all march forward in all areas in Jesus name (Exodus 14:15; Isaiah 40:31).

For anyone to experience endless glory, one of the conditions he/she must fulfill is to please God by being perfect, faithful and be blameless (Psalm 84:11).

That is why God has called the month of March our month of WALKING UPRIGHTLY with the golden scripture: Genesis 17:1-8.
ntil Abraham walked uprightly(blamelessly) before God he could not access the glory of the promised child! So, God is asking us, as the leaders of His people, as well as His church to rise up and begin to walk uprightly before Him.

Enoch walked with God and experienced glory(Genesis 5:22,24). In a perversed world as ours Noah walked with God and was distinguished and preserved with his family from the global destruction of his time (Genesis 6:7-9). Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth walked before God blameless and their reproach of childlessness was turned to glory(Luke 1:5-14). Jesus Christ pleased God the Father throughout His life and ministry and the God of glory never left Him for once (John 8:29). The examples are numerous in the Bible.

God is saying that it is our turn to do likewise.

God will adjudge us to be walking upright before Him when He sees our complete holiness, our complete obedience and our doing His will only.

The benefits of walking upright before God are countless as I mention few of them:

  • Experiencing God’s presence and His glory at all times (John 8:29)
  • Enjoying all His covenants (Genesis 17:4)
  • Remarkable transformation (Genesis 17:5)
  • All round fruitfulness (Genesis 17:6)
  • Generational blessings (Genesis 17:8)
  • Great revelations (Genesis 18:17-19)
  • Preservation from destruction (Genesis 6:6-8)
  • Becoming a pleasant attraction (Isaiah 60:15)
  • Having answers to all your prayers (1 Samuel 3:19)
  • Limitless progress (Isaiah 45:1-2)

The promise of glory for Abraham was delayed for 24years after he was called at age 75, but at age 99 when he decided to walk uprightly before God the promise was fulfilled within one year. No wonder he celebrated the glory at 100years!

This year, all of us will celebrate the glory of God in our families and this ministry in Jesus name. Arise and walk uprightly! Heed the clarion call of heaven.

Let us teach this at our various levels of leadership and influence this month with passion, and a glorious you, family and church shall emerge in Jesus name. Amen!