Monthly Focus


Anchor Scripture

We thank God for all His mercies and wonderful acts in our midst in the month of August. Hallelujah!! Glory be to His name for protection and provisions (Deuteronomy 11:11-12 ).

God indeed proved Himself worthy and able in our month of “Hoping in the Lord”. The rewards and the blessings of trusting Him shall remain permanent in our lives, families and His church in Jesus name.


therefore welcome all of us to the month of September. The first of the “mber” months in 2020, our year of LIMITLESS PROGRESS. When your hope is in the Lord, HE makes you to be distinguished and stand out among your peers (Isaiah 43:7,21 ).

This is why God has called September our month of: SHINING AS THE STARS — Daniel 12:3
What a right WORD from the Lord at such a time as this! The global pandemic has brought gross darkness to the world, but God is promising that this is the season for us, His children to “shine as the stars” ( Isaiah 60:1-3 ).

Let’s get ready as ministers and members of His church to assume our realm of SHINING because God created us as stars! And it takes darkness to reveal the nature and brightness of a star. You’re a star! Your spouse is a star! Your children are stars! The church of God, Freedom Arena and everyone connected to her is a star! Hallelujah!!!

Some of the things that will bring our shining are: the light of God, the wisdom of God, kingdom service, soul winning, appearance in God’s presence etc.

In all our teachings and ministrations this month, we will emphasise all the above and more. Our relationship with Jesus Christ, the Light of the world must be intact and remain stronger if we must reflect His glory(John 1:5; 9:5 ).

As the moon cannot shine on its own unless it places itself at a certain angle of the sun, in the same vein, we as Christians and ministers MUST always be closer to the God of all lights if we must shine as the stars!(Psalms 84:7).

The enemies of shining we must avoid includes: sin, unrighteousness, disobedience, indolence, bitterness, etc. They’re all light extinguishers! They’re all star killers!( Proverbs 4:18 ).

In conclusion, get ready to start shining brighter and brighter after this pandemic! Arise and shine for your light has come!
In our families and Freedom Arena, there shall be celebrations and shouts of joy as a result of our shining as the stars in this month in Jesus name (Jeremiah 30:19).

It shall surely be a September to Remember for all of us in Jesus name. AMEN.

(From the Senior Pastor)