Jacob Lesson 12 – Wisdom is profitable

(Read Genesis 32:13-21)

Discussion points

  1. After Jacob’s great prayer of faith, he stayed in the same place because the fear of his past sins would not allow him to move on. (v13)
  2. Now a very wealthy man, Jacob was able to select an impressive gift for Esau from  his possessions, in an attempt to buy his brother’s good favor after so many years of separation(v14-15)
  3. Jacob sent a gift of goodwill and reconciliation to his brother, this shows that his intentions were peaceful (14-v15)
  4. Though Jacob had prayed, he also acted with wisdom and discretion just like the old saying – ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves. (v15-v17)
  5. Jacob gave very explicit instructions to his messengers concerning the delivery of his messages to his brother which he thought will make a big statement to Esau about a changed Jacob (v16 – v18)
  6. Jacob referred to his brother as his master and called himself his servant giving up his rights, (the stolen birthright), this was a sign of brokenness and true repentance. (v17-v18)
  7. In humility, Jacob repeated the same instruction five times to prove a point that he was seeking nothing but complete reconciliation in a broken relationship. (v19)
  8. Jacob, a very intentional man, ever resourceful finally draws up a strategy to pacify Esau before they meet. (v20)
  9. Jacob’s gift went ahead of him. (v21)
  10. After sending the goodwill gifts, Jacob spent the night still in God’s camp (v21)


 A gift of reconciliation

    1. To pacify Esau, Jacob sent him a very expensive gift which was a gift of reconciliation. To reconcile us with the father, the lord had to give the most expensive gift in his hands to mankind. (2 Corinthians 9:15, Romans 8:32, John 3:16)
    2. God answers our prayers by teaching us to order our affairs with discretion. Jacob was being prudent by preparing a gift for Esau before they meet. (Pro. 18:16, Ecclesiastes 10:10b)
    3. Jacob gave five gifts of grace to Esau at five different times, this was an expression of honor and recognition. Notice that it was also a gift that would make Esau more prosperous. (Genesis 32: 13-18)
    4. Jacob acknowledged his wrongdoings and did all he could do to let his brother see his heart. We must always be prepared to acknowledge our sins and ask for forgiveness readily with a pure heart .(Psalm 51:10, Psalm 66:18)
    5. Jacob seeks to address his broken relationship of twenty years with his brother. As Christians, it is very important for us to forgive one another so that our blessings can flow and our prayers will not be hindered (Matthew 6:14)
    6. Discord not only affects our relationship with others but also our relationship with God. (Ephesians 4:26-27)
    7. Jacob humbled himself and gave up his rights in order to reconcile with his brother and to appease his wrath (Romans 12:18, Proverbs 15:1)
    8. The gift of a man will always go ahead of him and make room for him before great men. (Pro. 21:8, Pro. 21:14)
    9. When we have prayed to God for mercy, we must support our prayers with our endeavors too (actions); else, instead of trusting God, we tempt him; we must so depend upon God’s providence as to make use of our own prudence. “Help thyself and God will help thee”.
    10. Vital faith needs not be idle faith, Faith without works – James reminds us is dead (James 2: 14)


  1. Father, please compel all those who have wronged /offended me in one way or the other to make peace with me.
  2. Help me Lord to follow peace with all men and holiness with you.
  3. Father, as you helped Jacob in his time of need, help me; help my family and all members of FA too.
  4. Father, I come against every spirit of fear today. Let no power stop me from moving forward in life.
  5. Father, please let my gifts make room for me as from today.
  6. Lord, grant me the grace to repent of my sins and ask for forgiveness always.
  7. The guilt of the past did not allow Jacob to move forward. Father, forgive me of all my past sins and mistakes so that I can move forward in destiny.
  8. Father, empower me to live to please you on a daily basis so that all my enemies can be at peace with me.
  9. Oh Lord, bless me in abundance so that I will always have enough to bless others with. Let the covenant of prosperity continue to work for me and every member of my household.
  10. Abide with me O lord, and hide me in your camp forever.

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