Jacob Lesson 7 – The Unchanging Changer

(Read Genesis 31:1-16)

Discussion points

  1. When Laban’s sons saw how prosperous Jacob had become, they became jealous and started to despise him. (v1)
  2. Jacob was very discerning as he noticed that Laban’s countenance had changed towards him. He wasn’t treating him the same as before (v2)
  3. Immediately, God intervened for Jacob and instructed him to return to the promised land(v3)
  4. The lord reiterates his promise of divine presence with Jacob, the promise of God’s presence meant everything to us as Christians(v3)
  5. Jacob sought the counsel of his wives intimating them with the situation at hand and explaining his plans to them at the same time. (v4 – v9)
  6. Jacob acknowledged the faithfulness of God – Man may change but our God never changes, he does not leave nor forsake us. (v5)
  7. Though Laban tried to cheat Jacob changing his wages time and again, God protected him all the time by making sure he was not short-changed. (v7)
  8. The Angel of the Lord appeared to Jacob in a dream and revealed how he will counter Laban’s deceitful plan. (v10-12)
  9. God introduced himself to Jacob again as the God of Bethel because God wanted to remind him of that place where he first encountered the lord in a personal way (v13)
  10. Leah and Rachel were in agreement for the first time in years as they supported their husband’s resolution against their father (v14 -16)


Nothing without God

  1. Envy will always distort the truth, Jacob had not taken anything of Laban’s, but envy will lie. Hence Jacob’s sons said ‘Jacob has taken away all that was our father’s. Envy is bad not only on its own but also for the company it keeps. (1 Corinthians 3:3, James 3:16, 1 Corinthians 13:4, Matthew 27:18, Titus 3:3)
  2. The challenges we go through as Christians most times prepare us for the future, even when Jacob never knew it, God had been preparing him for this season of his life. First, God gave him the desire to go back home (Genesis 30:25, 2 Corinthians 4:17) 
  3. Jacob realised that without God, he was nothing. He knew that his success was not down to his own efforts and hard work alone. God showed Jacob that he was greater than any plan of man and able to overcome for him. God’s presence was with Jacob, Just as God had promised. (Genesis 28:15, Psalm 118:6)
  4. Though Jacob had been mistreated by Laban, he would not quit his place until God bid him to. We must always trust in Gods leading and guidance in our Christian walk with God never quit or give up too soon. (Genesis 31:3, Galatians 6:9, James 1:12, Psalm 92: 12 -14)
  5. As children of God, let us be assured that God will treat us better than we can ever treat ourselves. The righteous God paid Jacob well for his hard service out of Laban’s estate. (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 71:24 NLT)
  6. Jacob enjoyed divine security in the house of Laban, God protected him all the time. (Genesis 31:5, Psalm 121:7, Leviticus 26:6, Isaiah 52:12)
  7. Jacob not only believed he had acted sincerely towards Laban, but he also believed that his wives knew of his righteous conduct and Laban’s unfair treatment of him so he was free to seek their counsel (Psalm 11:14. Proverbs 20:18, Genesis 31: v6-7)
  8. God is always redirecting us back to Bethel – the place of our first encounter with him. A place of repentance, restoration, reconnection and renewal, a place where we rededicate our faith back to God. (Revelation 2:4-5, 2 Peter 3:9)
  9. Laban’s greediness was clear to his daughters also as he had treated them as foreigners without any portion of inheritance left for them. Both Leah and Rachel agreed with Jacob to do whatever the Lord had told him to do. They had no compassion for their father – Laban, at this point. (Proverbs 13:22)
  10. As a body of Christ, we need to always unite against our common enemy – Satan and the kingdom of darkness. For the very first time in history, the two sisters were in agreement to support Jacob in his decision to leave the house of Laban. This support further encouraged Jacob to walk in obedience to God’s instruction. (Psalm 133:1)


  1. Father Lord, help me to return to you wholeheartedly, give me a heart that understands you fully in Jesus name.
  2. Oh Lord, separate me from dubious people at all cost in Jesus name.
  3. Father, open my eyes to know and see you more. Let me know that you are indeed with me and for me. Let your divine presence always abide with me and every member of my household as from today onwards.
  4. O lord, rebuke every contender of my destiny now. Execute your divine vengeance and justice on all my contenders in Jesus name.
  5. Father Lord, send me help from your sanctuary, defend me and execute divine justice on my behalf.
  6. Jacob experienced angelic visitation in his dreams and all his fears were dispelled, Oh Lord, in all of my endeavours, let me enjoy angelic ministrations in Jesus mighty name.
  7. Deal with my enemies in your own way, O Lord.
  8. Father, for me and my household, for us in FA, let us all enjoy divine security this year and beyond in Jesus mighty name.
  9. As a parent, I pray O Lord, empower me to leave a good inheritance for my children and for my children’s children.
  10. Blessings that will make me forget the sufferings of the past, release it on me and give me a full reward for all my labour in Jesus name.

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