According to the leading of God, we are in the month of “Walking in the Light”. (Psalm 43: 3; Proverbs 4: 18) As Christians “Walking in the light” is a command and God is the Light. (Isaiah 2:5; John 8:12) Therefore, walking in the Light means walking with the Lord.  (Psalm 36:9) It is in the light of God we see our own light. Just as the moon has no light of its own but gets its light from the sun so we have to be strategically placed to receive God’s light. God wants us to walk in His own light and not the light of men. (Isaiah 2:2-3; Isaiah 50:10-11)


  1. IT MAKES YOU TO SEE FAR AND GO FAR: The brighter you can see far the faster and better you can go. (Genesis 13:14-15) As far as you can see that is as far as you can get. (Jeremiah 1: 11-12)
  2. LIGHT MAKES YOU GO FURTHER THAN OTHERS: God led the Israelites by pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night; and this made them to travel far as there was no time they were in darkness. (Exodus 13: 21)
  3. LIGHT MAKES YOU TO AVOID THE TRAPS OF THE ENEMIES: Light directs, light instructs and guides us in the way of peace and safety. (John 12:35)
  4. LIGHT MAKES YOUR FAITH STRONG: No-one doubt what he or she sees. Fear is removed from your situation when you see a revelation. (Act 4: 20; 1 John1:1-3)
  5. LIGHT MAKES YOU TO BE EVER BOLD: Light can never be afraid of darkness. You are not intimidated when you walk in the light.  Many are afraid of the wicked because the Light of God is not in them. (Psalm 21: 1)
  6. LIGHT MAKES YOU TO ENJOY DIVINE EXEMPTION: (John 1:5) God says He will make a demarcation between His people and the power of darkness because the light makes the difference. (Exodus 10: 22-23) As a child of Light, do not complain like others because Light distinguishes and makes you enjoy divine exemption.
  7. LIGHT GIVES YOU JOY AND GLADNESS: Whatever the enemies have planned for you shall be turned to joy and gladness. (Esther 8:16; Psalm 97:11)
  8. LIGHT MAKES YOU TO BECOME AN ATTRACTION: Darkness repels and light attracts. You become an attraction when you walk in the light. (Isaiah 60: 1-3 & 15)
  9. MAKES YOU UNSTOPABLE: Nothing stops light from shinning. Nothing stops you when you walk in the light. (Proverbs 4: 18-19) (Job 5: 12; John 1: 5)


  1. Come into the light (Matthew 11: 28; John 1: 1-12; Matthew 2: 11-12) You are chosen from darkness into light. (1 Peter 2:9-10)
  2. Study the word at all times. Walking in the revelation of the word of God. (Psalm 119:105; Psalm 119:130
  3. Be righteous and be upright at all times. (Psalm 97:11; Psalm 112: 4; Proverb 4: 18; Malachi 4: 2)
  4. Be a consistent follower of Christ. (John 8: 12; Isaiah 50:10)
  5. Be joyful at all times. (Isaiah 30: 29-30)

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