Mother’s Day message 2020 (By Pastor Mrs. Tutu Adegoke)


We thank God for another opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day, despite what is going on in the world today. Motherhood is a divine assignment but sometimes mothers must go the extra mile for their children to achieve their life’s goals.Our case study is Jochebed (mother of Moses)


Jochebed’s extras: –

  1. Jochebed saw beyond the ordinary: There is a difference between looking and seeing. In this case she saw the child was not meant to die on account of the evil decree that all male children were to be killed. She saw a beautiful child with a beautiful destiny with her spiritual eye; therefore, his life must not be wasted.  (Exodus 2: 1-2) Mothers should see beyond the ordinary for their children for no child is meant for destruction.
  2. Jochebed protected her child: Every child is special and must be protected. Jochebed took the risk of nursing the child for three months until she could no longer secretly nurse him. Every mother should protect their children irrespective, (Exodus 2: 2)
  3. Jochebed made Moses a basket which was referred to as an Ark: (Exodus 2: 3) Other mothers during the same time probably knew how to make baskets but failed to make for their children. Mothers should always think far about the protection of their children in time of adversity.
  4. Jochebed put a guard on standby for Moses’ protection: Jochebed planned with Moses’ sister on how to keep baby Moses safe in the basket by the bank of the river. God’s mercy and protection saved the baby as the whole plan worked out successfully.
  5. Jochebed acted in faith all through the time of panic: Jochebed was a woman of faith who pulled herself together to plan a safe escape for her son in the face of panic and adversity. Mothers should act in faith and God will complete the rest and make their desires regarding their children’s lives come true. (Hebrews 11: 23)


Jochebed’s blessings afterwards:

  1. Her efforts were not in vain: Her efforts did not go in vain. (Psalm 90:17) Jochebed saved a child and the child saved a nation. We never know how God would want to use our children. Our efforts over our children shall never be in vain in Jesus name.
  2. Her labour was rewarded. By divine intervention her plan worked out as she was even paid while nursing her own baby in the king’s palace. Mothers should know that they are working for God therefore God will surely reward them bountifully.
  3. Her sorrow turned to joy: Moses was not killed and both Moses and his mother ended up in the king’s palace where he was nursed. It doesn’t matter how much you are passing through to bring your children up, your joy will surely come. (Psalm 30: 5b)
  4. Her prayers were answered: Moses escaped the order to kill all male children born at that time. Our prayers over our children shall be answered in Jesus name. (Isaiah 65:24)
  5. Her child became a wonder: Bringing up Moses was very rough initially, but his destiny was not aborted. He became the man that spoke to God face to face, brought the commandments and became a great tool in the hand of God. Hard times do not erase the purpose of God for a child.

In conclusion, some children would need more extras than others, but God will give all mothers the grace to bring them up in the way of God and their destinies shall never be aborted in Jesus name.

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