Jacob Lesson 4 – Jehovah Has The Final Say

(Read Genesis 29:31-35, Genesis 30:1-30)

Discussion points

  1. The Lord looks with mercy upon the one who suffers and he is attentive to their hearts. Just because Jacob loves Leah less does not implies that God feels the same way hence, he favoured Leah by opening her womb. (Gen. 29 verses 31-32)
  2. Though Leah had borne Jacob a son, she was still unloved. Jacob did not feel or hear what Leah wanted him to hear (her yearnings to be loved) but God heard her and gave her another son. (Gen. 29 verse 33)
  3. When others detach from you, God secures you. Leah had hoped that a third son would cause Jacob to love her but he is no more attached to her than he was before. (Gen. 29 verse 34)
  4. Turn your complaints to praise. Leah turned her complaints about her plight in life into an opportunity to offer praise about God’s blessings – the birth of her children. (Gen.29 verse 35)
  5. Don’t be envious of others. You need to stop looking at how God deals with others and just set your eyes on Him. Rachel was more focused on what God did for Leah than on what God can do for her. (Genesis 30 verse 1)
  6. God knows about everything; it is always better to wait for God and not play God. Rachel wanted to play God while Jacob sees the hand of God in the circumstances before them and alluded to that fact. (Gen. 30: verse 2)
  7. Jealousy and envy can only lead to vindictiveness. (Gen.30: verse 3-7) Rachel’s delay in child bearing guided her decision of giving her maid to Jacob for the purpose of procreation so she can taunt and compete with her sister.
  8. Don’t engage in unhealthy rivalry, because of this, the relationship in the household of Jacob had broken down to the point where it was openly acknowledged only by baby competition. (Gen. 30 verses 8-10)
  9. As children of God, we can lose our peace when we get involved in unhealthy competitions. Apparently, Leah lost the peace she had when Judah (Praise) was born. (Gen 30 verses 11-12)
  10. Always ask God for help and strength in the administration of your home. Jacob shows weakness in the flesh. He agreed to bare children with the maids at the instructions of his wives. (Gen. 30: verse 13)




  1. Everything that happens to us in life is designed by God. Whether Leah was loved or not, she carried the favour of God. Her ability to bear children for Jacob shows that God’s covenant with Abraham is being attended to by this action. (Genesis 15: 4-6, Genesis 17:6-8, Daniel 4:17)
  2. Those who are despised by men are favoured by God. We should not assume or believe that when someone is out of favour with someone, no matter how important they are, that they are likewise out of favour with God. Good things keep coming the way of Leah. (Proverbs 15:3, Isaiah 5: Romans 9:18, I Samuel 12:22)
  3. The challenges we encounter in life should be turned into an opportunity to praise and worship God. God is always happy with a worshipper. (1 Peter 1:6-7, Psalm 71:14, Psalm 22:3)
  4. As Christians, we should be more concerned and focused on seeking the approval of God rather than what others think about us. It is only when we bask in God’s great love for us that we can be happy. (Colossians 3:2, Psalms 91: 14-15, Galatians 1:10)
  5. Children are a gift from God and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Racheal was oblivious of this fact (Psalm 127:3)
  6. We should be careful what we say for the words of our mouth carry power, Rachel said she was going to die if Jacob does not give her a child and we will see the consequences of this pronouncement in future. (Proverbs 18:21)
  7. No true Christian should be jealous or envious of others as this can lead to emotional instability, feelings of bitterness, frustrations, broken relationships, prolong depression and extreme anxiety. (James 3:16, 1 Peter 2:1, Proverbs 14:30, Psalms 37:1-3)
  8. As Christians, we must be seen to always show love to others no matter the situation rather than engage in unhealthy rivalry. (Romans 16:17-18, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7)
  9. There can be no peace wherever contention brews. As Christians we should by all means be an advocate of peace at all times because our Lord Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. (Romans 12:18, Mark 9:50, Matthew 5:24)

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