Jacob Lesson 14 – Contentment is great gain

(Read Genesis 33:1-10)

Discussion points

  1. To reconcile two people, there must be a time when the parties come together (v1a).
  2. When Jacob saw Esau coming towards him with 400 men, he was terrified and made a decision based on his carnal senses to divide his family protecting his favorites first by keeping them behind all others. (v1 –2)
  3. Jacob had been empowered after his encounter with God at Peniel, we can say this as he went ahead first in boldness and paid obeisance to Esau as a sign of respect. (v3)
  4. Jacob and Esau both showed their love and respect for each other – Jacob demonstrated his submission by bowing down to him. (v3-4)
  5. Time heals indeed, Esau had been healed of all his resentments against his brother and so he was able to display his love and affection openly. (v4)
  6. Good relationships are built upon showing one’s interest in another person’s affairs (v5)
  7. The way Jacob’s family presented themselves to Esau goes a long way. It showed that they were a well-disciplined, God fearing and respectful family, Kudos to Jacob. (v6 -7)
  8. Esau was confused, he was not expecting any kind of gifts from his brother. Seeing him alone was a thing of joy for him (v8a), Again we were introduced to the power of a gift, a gift will always attract favor if given with the right mindset (v8b)
  9. Contentment they say is great gain. Esau acknowledged that he already had plenty, He was satisfied with the blessings of God upon his life. He concluded that he had enough and that Jacob can keep what he had for himself. (v9)
  10. Good relationships will also thrive on generosity. (v10)


Make peace with your Esau

    1. We cannot run away from our responsibility or our problems forever. There will come a day when we have to face it. (Genesis 33:1-2)
    2. When a man’s way pleases the Lord, he makes his enemies to be at peace with him. Jacob reconciled himself to God at Peniel and it became easy for him to find favor in the sight of God and man. God reconciled his brother, Esau to him in a miraculous way. (Proverbs 16:7)
    3. At the meeting of the brothers, the expressions of kindness were interchanged in the best manner that could be between them, Jacob bowed to Esau though he wasn’t sure if he was coming to him as an enemy or a friend. Esau in returned embraced his brother in love. The way to recover peace where it has been broken is to always play our part as children of God, we must be respectful at all times. It is remembering and repeating of matters that should have been left in the past that separates friends and perpetuates the separation. A humble submissive carriage goes a long way towards the turning away of wrath. (James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5, Proverbs 15:1)
    4. God has the hearts of all men in his hands and can turn them when and how he pleases, by a secret, silent but resistless power. By the time Jacob met Esau, God had worked on both of them and they were ready to make peace with one another. (Ezekiel 36:26, Romans 12:18, Proverbs 21:1)
    5. Those that are content with what they have must show it by not coveting what others have. Esau modestly refused Jacob’s gift because he had enough and did not need it. God had blessed both of them. (1 Timothy 6:6)
    6. Jacob prevailed upon Esau to accept his gift for so many reasons, firstly, it was a sign that Esau had truly forgiven him and secondly, it showed that God had favored him and attended to the voice of his prayers. It was also a sign of love. (Psalm 66:19, Genesis 33:10)
    7. Our bible study today testifies that Jacob had a resetting on his life journey when he was willing to give away every possession that he had earned through hard work to earn the favor of his brother. The worldly and material blessing he pursued at the price of his relationship with his family became less important to him than forgiveness from Esau. This ‘reset’ in Jacob’s journey was not a step backward, because spiritually he grew and finally came to peace with his past. (2 Corinthians 5:17, Philippians 3:13)
    8. From the perspective of Esau, we can see that he was ripped off of the covenant blessings meant for him and the future appeared bleak then. However, over the years, God had blessed him with many possessions and he was at peace with his brother, Jacob and with God, he had already forgiven Jacob even before Jacob asked for his forgiveness. (Genesis 33:9)
    9. Compensation or reparation or restoration is needed in order to reach reconciliation. When Jacob gave such generous gifts, it was his own way of saying to Esau that he was sorry and when Esau accepted the gifts, it was his way of saying to Jacob that he had been forgiven. (Romans 5:10, John 8:36)
    10. We must avoid conflicts as much as possible so we can avoid fixing broken relationships. (Romans 12:18)


  1. Father, you alone can heal the brokenhearted, heal all that are broken-hearted that I know or do not know of in Jesus name.
  2. Lord almighty heal my foundation remove every pain and hurt breeding division in my lineage in Jesus name.
  3. Father, you touched the heart of Esau to forgive Jacob and to forget all his shortcomings. Father touch the heart of as many who have chosen not to forgive me or anyone else in Jesus name. Touch my enemies’ hearts for my sake oh Lord.
  4. Lord, I lift all broken marriages, family, friendship that is meant to be together that the enemy is robbing them off their blessing due to division, cause divine healing, unity and restoration in Jesus name.
  5. From today, I declare that fear will not paralyse or limit me in any way (skills and potentials) I rise above every crippling thought and I cast down every evil derogatory imagination.
  6. Father, give me unmerited favor with all men. Let your goodness and mercy attend my way and the ways of every member of FA as from today IJN.
  7. Father let my ways please you always. Give me strength of character oh Lord.
  8. Father, Let the dread of me fall upon my enemies, that they will find no courage or will-power to contend against me, my destiny, my family and my entire household IJN.
  9. Father whoever says they will make sure I am brought down due to reasons known or unknown father avenge for me now in Jesus name.
  10. Blessings that would make me forget the sufferings of the past, release it on me in Jesus name.

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