Abraham Lesson 18 – ISHMAEL MUST GO

(Read Genesis 21: 14- end)

  1. God reassured Abraham that as painful and unpleasant as the situation might be, putting Ishmael away was the right thing to do. v14
  2. The removal of Ishmael proves that God is continually working to advance his kingdom and remove the threats to his people. v14
  3. Ishmael was as a result of human effort that was devoid of faith. It signifies the flesh and we must get rid of the flesh. As children of God, we must learn to walk in the spirit always and refuse to gratify the desires of the flesh. v14
  4. Abraham provides for Hagar and Ishmael. Even though they are cast out, he had a responsibility to provide for them. Later, it is the Lord who provides directly for them. v14 – v16
  5. God’s promises are yea and Amen. Hagar is not confident in God’s promises, yet she still benefits from them. v15-16
  6. Favor is God’s prerogative. Despite the desperate problem in the wilderness, God showed special favor to Ishmael because he was a descendant of Abraham. v15-21
  7. God cannot resist a cry for mercy and help. He heard Ishmael’s voice and gave him audience. God’s promises to Ishmael cannot fail, and his life was preserved. v17-18
  8. Once God opened Hagar’s eyes; she sees his provision. She then took of what He provided. It is one thing to know that God has the answer, it is another thing to reach out and avail yourself of it. v19
  9. God was on Ishmael’s side, this does not imply that Ishmael has any real faith in God, but rather it is simply God’s faithfulness to His own promises. v20
  10. Abimelech is clearly impressed by Abraham’s life; he has seen that God was with him in everything he does. Abraham had the greatest blessing that life can afford and that was the blessing of God’s presence in life. V22-24
  11. Through a time of conflict and despair, we must keep a real live walk with God. Abraham consistently called on the name of the Lord, the Eternal God and God never failed him. v33-34


  1. God does not expect us to have a backup plan outside of his will, Trust God to fulfil all his promises to you and your household. Abraham’s mindset could have been that if something should happen to Isaac there would always be Ishmael (Backup plan). Proverbs 3:5
  2. God never takes away Ishmael until he has given an Isaac. Ishmael could have been a bad habit, a wrong career or an unhealthy relationship. (Genesis 21:8-14)
  3. It does not matter where you find yourself as a child of God, God will protect and preserve you even in the desert. (Isaiah 43:2)
  4. We never wander so far away from God that he will not hear our cry for help. His mercies endureth for life. (Psalm 61:1, Psalm 118)
  5. God’s answer to our problem is always the solution which has been there all along but our anxieties keeps us away from seeing it. Hagar’s fears and tears kept her from seeing the well of her blessing. (Psalm 145:8)
  6. When you stand above reproach, it won’t take time for people to notice that you are carry the mark of God. (Matthew 5:16)
  7. Though Ishmael was not the son to receive the covenant promise, God was not against him. God was with Ishmael and had a promise for his future. He made him a great nation also. (Joshua 21:45)
  8. Unbelievers took notice of the hand of God upon Abraham and wanted to associate with him (1Peter 2:12, Proverbs 16:7)
  9. The Presence of God in a man’s life is a catalyst for favour. (Psalm 114:1-8)
  10. Conflicts and despair can drive us away from God but we should allow it to draw us closer to him by always calling on the name of the eternal God like Abraham did. (Proverbs 18:10)
  11. God is also mindful of the outcast. Whether you feel rejected, hated, lost, bereft, forsaken, or cast away, God sees your tears and he is ready to wipe it all away. The Lord has a special place in his heart for the afflicted (Psalm 140:12, John 14:18)


  1. O Lord, in my walk with you, help me not to gratify the desires of the flesh. Galatians 5:16-21, v24
  2. Hagar and Ishmael became wanderers in the desert, let us declare and prophesy that for the remaining days of this year, we shall not be wanderers in the journey of life, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  3. Let us pray that every life-threatening situation and destiny harassing circumstances facing anyone of us right now shall be arrested, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  4. Lord, come what may ,let me not see the death of anyone of my children, I will not see the death of anything or anyone precious to me this year, I will not see the death of destiny, vision, dreams and aspiration anymore in 2020 , in the name of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 21:16)
  5. Let us declare and prophesy that, we shall not sorrow, mourn, weep, bury, or lose anyone, to sickness, diseases, accident, or recession, in the name of Jesus Christ (Genesis 21:16)
  6. Father, as we call upon your name as from today, we shall enjoy divine answers, favourable response and timely intervention in Jesus name. (Genesis 21:17), Psalm 61:1
  7. O Lord, open our eyes to locate every well of blessing meant for our sustenance in the name of Jesus Christ (Genesis 21:19), Open our eyes to see vast opportunities around us that will propel us into our next level.
  8. Father, make all my children great nations, by your mercy, nothing will ever make you stand against my children. Always accompany them whether they go out or come in.
  9. Lord, remember your promises to me and my generation and fulfil them in due season.
  10. As your presence abides with us, let men take notice of your hand upon our life for favour and global recognition.
  11. O lord, show me and my descendants special favour for the rest of our lives.

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