Jacob Lesson 19 – The God of second chance

(Read Genesis 35:1-15)

Discussion points

  1. God speaks to Jacob instructing him to go back to Bethel. Our God is not only a God of second chance but a God of many chances, it does not matter how far or how long we have missed it, God will always give us another opportunity to repent and live a righteous life before him (v1)
  2. God oftentimes uses strained or frightening circumstances to bring us back to Him. After the massacre of the Hivites in Shechem, Jacob became afraid of the repercussions. This drove him back to Bethel because he now realized he needs the help of God. (v1)
  3. God reminded Jacob of the reason why he needs to build an Altar to him again because the same God that helped him before will help him again and again if he does not lose his faith.
  4. Before we can go up to Bethel, we need to put away the foreign gods, purify ourselves and change our filthy garments. Basically, we need to be born again or rededicate our lives back to God if we have derailed from his presence. (v3)
  5. Jacob remembered to go back to Bethel. He repented by getting rid of all the idols, and he did the first works by building an altar and worshipping God as before. By so doing, his relationship to God was restored back. (v3)
  6. For Jacob and his family, everything that reminded them of their woes and represented the past was buried in Shechem. They yearned for a new beginning. (v4)
  7. After the Massacre, God protected and made a way for Jacob and his family throughout their journey back to Bethel and he caused terror to come upon all the nations around them so that no one pursued them. (v5)
  8. Jacob and all his people got to the promised land and he built an altar there which he called El- Bethel. (v6-7)
  9. When Jacob finally arrived at the place God told him to go, he immediately found great blessing. God appeared to him, God blessed him, and God called him by his new name (Israel). v9
  10. God granted Jacob a precious reminder of his place in God’s great covenant, beginning with his grandfather Abraham. In this, Jacob did not need to hear anything new from God. He just needed to be reminded of what was true, and be encouraged to cling to it all. (v11-12)


Go back to Bethel

  1. Jacob was told to go back to Bethel and resume a life of worship there. Returning to the LORD would have an especially good effect on the children of Jacob. This reminds us that the best thing parents can do for their children is to choose God’s path themselves. (1 Chronicles 28:9, Proverbs 22:6, Titus 2:2-7,8 1Peter 5:2-3)
  2. As Jacob looked back on his walk with God, the first meeting with God at Bethel must have seemed like a high point (Genesis 28:10-22). But to his credit, Jacob refused to think the best years of his life with God were behind him. He returned to his first love—he returned to Bethel, and God blessed his decision by giving him another chance. (2 Corinthians 5:17, Hosea 14:1-3MSG, Isaiah 45:22, Acts 3:19)
  3. When we choose to be obedient to the Lord’s command, we will obtain the Lord’s favor. (Isaiah 1:19, Deut. 28:1-2NKJV)
  4. Jacob’s family only got right with God after Jacob himself did. This again shows us the tremendous leadership role men have within the family. A man resisting God will see the same effect in his children. A man who gets right with God will also see the effect in his family. (Genesis 18:19, Genesis 35:2)
  5. Jacob’s children kept foreign gods because their mother did. Rachel kept the household idols of her father. No matter how hard we try to teach our children godly conduct, they will continue to do what we do so it is very important we do right by them. (Genesis 31:19)
  6. It is important for everyone to take stock of what they may have in their home that is ungodly or connected to the occult, and promptly get rid of those things. (1 Corinthians 10:7, I John 5:21, Colossians 3:5)
  7. God’s grace covered Jacob and his family through their journey from Shechem to Bethel. Jacob and his family needed this protection, because the massacre at Shechem made them hated among the Canaanites, as Jacob feared in Genesis 34:30.
  8. Jacob’s continued worship of the Lord is demonstrated by his setting up of a pillar marking the place where he talked with the Lord, pouring an offering of oil, and calling the name of the place, Bethel.” (Genesis 35:14-15)
  9. Jacob’s heart of worship showed gratitude towards God. When we look back on life, we should never have the attitude that says, “Life has been unfair.” Instead our heart should say, “God is faithful.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18, 2 Corinthians 2:14)
  10. Bethel is the house of God, it was the place where Jacob encountered the presence of God for the very first time, Bethel is a place of prayer, it is a place of revival, it is a place of sanctification, a place of God’s presence where we can be near to God, Bethel is a place of Protection, Bethel is a place of Influence, a place of help and a place of revelation. (Genesis 28: 17-19, Genesis 35:1, 6 & 7)


  1. Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner before you, take me back to Bethel and restore my fellowship with you.
  2. Father, you revealed yourself to Jacob as the God who helped him in his distress, Reveal yourself to us in FA as the Almighty God, and as the God of Bethel.
  3. Father, make a way for me and my loved ones, terminate every form of stagnation in our lives today do not let us get stuck on the way to our promised land in Jesus name.
  4. Jacob and his family suffered on the account of his decision to dwell in Shechem, I profess that every evil alternative that I am attracted to, I renounce you now in Jesus name!
  5. Father, we want to experience your revival in FA, please take away all spiritual hindrances from our lives.
  6. Father, stop every pursuing enemy from getting to me, let your terror come upon all my enemies immediately.
  7. Grace to obey your directives and instructions to letters give me now in Jesus name
  8. God of Jacob, please command your blessings on me and my household as from today.
  9. Let the blood of Jesus erase every generational curse working in my life in the name of Jesus.
  10. Father, give me unstoppable and transferrable wealth that will live beyond me.

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