Jacob Lesson 17 – Vengeance is of the Lord

(Read Genesis 34:11-21)

Discussion points

  1. Shechem and his father came to ask for Dinah’s hand in marriage. It was clear that Shechem did not show any remorse for his crime against Dinah.  He thought money could buy him back his prestige (verse 11).
  2. At no time did Hamor and his son acknowledge and apologise for the rape crime. Perhaps if Hamor and Shechem had started the discussion by acknowledging and apologising for this hideous crime there would have been a different outcome (verse 11).
  3. Jacob’s sons took over the negotiation as it was the culture at the time for brothers to protect their sisters. Their response shows they have learned from their father’s example. They took matters into their hands by hatching a deceitful scheme to take their revenge on Shechem (verse 13-14).
  4. Simeon and Levi decided to revenge the evil melted upon their sister, Dinah without thinking about the implications. Vengeance is of the Lord; we must allow God to fight our battles for us at all times. (v14)
  5. The sons of Jacob were deceptive both to their father and Shechem. We must bring up our children to walk in the path of truth always (verse 13).
  6. Jacob’s children realised that they were few in numbers and not as strong as to confront Shechem and his people. They, therefore, enforced on Shechem and his people to be circumcised knowing that a circumcised man would be very sore, weak, and restricted in his movement (verse 14 -16).
  7. To emphasize their seriousness, Jacob’s sons threatened to take their sister away possibly by force, and leave the area (verse 17)
  8. The discussion by Hamor and Shechem with Dinah’s family-centered on material wealth and the financial opportunity presented by intermarrying with Jacob’s family (verse 19-21).
  9. Shechem was pleased with Jacob’s sons’ proposal not knowing it was a trap. We should always ask God for a discerning spirit to identify when people are trying to deceive us with their sweet words (verse 19).
  10. As a victim, it was not recorded that anyone asked for Dinah’s opinion in this matter.  She was expected to accept any decision made by others (verse 11-21).


God is the ultimate judge

  1. When the foundation is faulty, there is little the righteous can do. An attempt to justify the rape committed by Shechem with a marriage proposal and financial opportunity was bound to be futile (Psalm 11:3, 1 John 1:19)
  2. Hamor and Shechem immediately agreed to the deal of circumcision of all their men. This indicated that Shechem wants to have Dinah for his wife very desperately further buttressing his lack of self-control.  We should not let worldly desires overcome our Christian principles (Proverbs 16:32, Titus 1:8).
  3. Just as Samson was driven by lust and lost his glorious future, Shechem’s lust brought destruction to him and his entire city (James 1: 14-15, 1 John 2:16).
  4. It is very important to bring up our children in a Godly way. Shechem appeared to be a child used to having his way and was backed up by his father who did not reprimand him for the rape crime. We should practice righteous living from childhood in our homes and model good virtues to our children as parents (Isaiah 54:13, Proverbs 22:6)
  5. As Christians, we should not use our position to oppress others. Knowing fully well a crime was committed, Hamor took advantage of his wealth, power, and position not only to overlook the rape of Dinah but to also want to profit from it financially (Proverbs 10:9).
  6. As Christians, we should be spiritually alert to dangers and not be deceived by enemies especially those that appear as friends (Ephesians 5:6-7)
  7. Hamor and Shechem probably thought themselves to be generous. But their manner of negotiating the arrangement of the marriage insulted Dinah and her family even more with a “just-name-your-price” attitude. They acted as if money and marriage could make her disgrace go away. (Genesis 34:12)
  8. From the beginning, Simeon and Levi planned evil against Shechem and Hamor and their people. Yet they covered their evil plan with spiritual words, and they used Dinah as a cover for their intended evil. They felt justified because the men of Shechem treated Dinah their sister as a prostitute (Genesis 34:31), As Christians, we must not do evil under the pretence of following the word of the lord. (Colossians 3:17)
  9. Despite the obvious sacrifice involved, Hamor and Shechem were pleased with this plan. Beyond the obviously deep attraction Shechem had for Dinah, they were also pleased to begin to marry into a family so large, wealthy, and influential. (Genesis 34 :18-21, Luke 12:15)
  10. The bible is very clear on our role to take revenge. God is the ultimate judge, and when we seek revenge we are simply taking his place. (Romans 12:19, 1 Peter 3:9, 1 Thessalonians 5:15, Proverbs 10:12)


  1. Father in heaven, please be gracious and have mercy upon us all in FA, may we not suffer from any form of oppression.
  2. Dinah had no voice even though she was the victim. Father Lord, give us a voice for global impact in FA, we together with our children would not be held captive in the land.
  3. Father help me daily so that my actions does not lead to my destruction and that of my entire family IJN.
  4. Father lead and guide us always, don’t allow us to fall into the traps of our enemies.
  5. O Lord bless me so that I too can be a source of joy and help to many others in Jesus name.
  6. O Lord, let your name be glorified in my life and that of all members of Freedom Arena in Jesus name.
  7. Father expose every friendly enemy and destroy them completely.
  8. Simeon and Levi practiced wickedness. Father! Help me and my family never to be wicked to others.
  9. Father, expose and expel every deceitful person in my camp before it is too late.
  10. Oh God, you are the ultimate judge, let your judgement come upon every enemy of our progress in FA speedily and without warning.


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