Jacob Lesson 3 – What You Sow Is What You Reap

(Read Genesis 29:15-30)

Discussion points

  1. Laban wanted to appear to Jacob as a good employer of labour and as a good relative. (v 15)
  2. Laban had two daughters who were of marriageable age and so he immediately carved out a plan of how to make the most of the opportunity before him (v16)
  3. True love waits. Rachel was the most beautiful of the two sisters and Jacob had an eye for her already so he was willing to wait for her for seven years. (v17-18)
  4. The offer Jacob gave to Laban for Rachel’s hand in marriage was far above what was required for a dowry in those days so it was a good deal for Laban and a sign that Jacob truly loved his daughter. (v19)
  5. Jacob fulfilled his part of the agreement and so was now entitled to have Rachel as a wife. In a Christian relationship you are obligated to fulfil all righteousness. (v21)
  6. Laban saw how desperate Jacob was willing to wait for Rachel and knew he could take advantage of him. (v22- 23)
  7. Laban deceived Jacob and gave Leah’s hand in marriage to him in an elaborate marriage ceremony with a gift of a maid. (v22-25)
  8. Jacob reaped what he had sown, he realised that Laban had tricked him giving him Leah instead of Rachel as agreed. (v25)
  9. Laban gave an excuse to cover his greed, he is a perfect picture of a deceptive manipulator. (v26)
  10. Jacob accepted to go an extra mile and serve Laban for another seven years because his love for Rachel was true, enduring and pure. (v28)


What goes around comes around

  1. Laban was an example of a good employer; we must never exploit others by making them work for us without pay. (1 Timothy 5:18, Genesis 29:15)
  2. Jacob was a diligent labourer in Laban’s house who was doing God’s will and he enjoyed the fruit of his labour. (John 4:34; 2Timothy 2:6)
  3. Laban was fully involved in his daughters’ marriages, fulfilling his promise not to give Rachel away in marriage to another man. (Genesis 24:53; 1Samuel 18:19.)
  4. Deceit is a sin. Jacob cheated Esau and deceived Isaac to get the covenant blessings, in this chapter, his uncle gave him a taste of his own medicine by also tricking him into marrying Leah instead of Rachel. In life, what goes around will always come around with time, we must be careful the kind of seeds we are sowing. (Isaiah 3:11, Galatians 6:7, Hosea 8:7)
  5. God did not change his plan to choose Jacob to receive the birth right, Instead, God took Jacob to the school of difficult experience in the house of Laban to discipline him. (2 Timothy 2:13)
  6. Jacob worked hard and was patient enough to marry Rachel, his heartthrob. True love is patient and kind. (1Corinthians 13:1)
  7. God’s master plan defiles tradition, human or physical laws, Jacob married two sisters of the same father though that was not in his original plan. (Genesis 29:30)
  8. Jacob’s past surely caught up with him with vengeance. Though, we can see this was God correcting Jacob, it does in no way justify Laban’s deception. (Numbers 32:23)
  9. The fact that God works all things together for our good never excuses the evil that men do. (Romans 8:28)
  10. God cannot use us effectively until we are fully broken of our selfish ways and learn to be totally dependent on God. (Hebrews 5:8, Galatians 2:20)


  1. Father, at home or abroad, open my eyes to see the wife / husband you have prepared for me to help me fulfil my purpose on earth.
  2. Grant me the grace to love my wife / husband till death do us part. I declare God’s true love over my home as from today in Jesus name.
  3. Lord, by the power in the blood of Jesus, I cancel every form of delay over my (career, marriage, ministry, business, healing) this year in Jesus name.
  4. Father, I must not work in vain this year, I come against every spirit of toiling with nothing to show for it in Jesus name.
  5. I declare that in the works of my hand, I will not be abused, exploited or taken advantage of in Jesus name. Lord, let me always enjoy full rewards for all my labour in life.
  6. Every heart and mind that is sounding like they are on my side but causing me secret pain, Father expose them.
  7. Every “trick” and “trickery” of hell to make me struggle in 2021– Lord, destroy it permanently.
  8. I reject error. I renounce error. I command the power and plan of error to be broken in my life in Jesus name.
  9. Anyone and anything that wants to postpone my day of celebration – in your own way Lord, arrest them!
  10. Every negative spirit of “instead” in the release of my harvest, I bind you and cast you out of my life in Jesus name.

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