Jacob Lesson 2 – Divine Providence

(Read Genesis 29:1-14)

Discussion points

  1. God led Jacob to his destination safely as he had promised (verse1)
  2. God caused Jacob to sight a well which was a well of opportunity for him (verse 2)
  3. An obstacle was at the mouth of the well in form of a large stone that needed some energy to roll away. (verse 2)
  4. Jacob appeared bossy and highly intuitive here but the shepherds were not intimidated by Jacob’s aggressive, bossy behaviour; they stood their ground and made a case for the legitimacy of their delay in watering their flocks (verses 7-8)
  5. Divine providence creates a divine appointment as Rachel showed up at the well too (verse 9)
  6. Rachel was a resourceful and diligent woman for the scripture to have described her as a shepherdess who helps to tend her father’s sheep. (verse 10)
  7. Jacob did not waste the opportunity to show off his prowess to impress Rachel, he single-handedly rolled away a large stone that would take several men to roll away and in addition, offered a helping hand to water his uncle’s flock. (verse 11)
  8. Jacob became emotional as he was overwhelmed by Rachel’s beauty and by the speedy answers to his prayers. (verse 11)
  9. Jacob introduced himself to Rachel as family and noted the excitement in Rachel’s response – she runs home with some good news for her father. (verse 12)
  10. Laban graciously embraced and welcomed Jacob into his household calling him his bone and flesh, Jacob stayed with Laban for a month. (verse 13 – 14)

Summary points


  1. God never fails, Jacob got to his destination safely because the Lord had blessed his journey. (Joshua 21:45, Isaiah 38:7)
  2. A well of water was a great landmark in bible days and a gathering place for the people to connect. Jacob like Abrahams servant was led to a well, again he was led to the right well where Laban was known. (Genesis 24:11, Genesis 29:2-6)
  3. By asking questions from the locals, Jacob confirmed that God had done to him just as he had promised. God directed and led him to the right place, the right people and the right family all at once. Jacob then discovered he was at his destination. (Luke 1:37)
  4. Jacob was interested in the well being of his uncle Laban and he asked the shepherds about his peace and prosperity. (Philippians 2:4)
  5. Rachel was a very beautiful lady yet she was humble, diligent and simple even as a shepherdess amongst the men. (Genesis 29:9)
  6. Jacob met Rachel and he was fully captivated by her beauty; this was definitely love at first sight for him. (Genesis 29:11)
  7. Jacob rolled away the large stone by the mouth of the well all by himself as a show off of power, strength and courage to Rachel, he also showed some kindness to her by helping to water Laban’s sheep. (Genesis 29:10)
  8. Before introducing himself to Rachel, Jacob kissed her and got carried away with emotions because he was overwhelmed by the divine providence of God in his life. God had blessed him beyond his wildest imagination.  Rachel must have been quite surprised when a man she never met before greeted her, kissed her, then cried out and wept. (Matthew 6:26, Philippians 2:13)
  9. Today we say Flesh and blood if we want to say someone belongs to our family, The Hebrews said ‘Bone and flesh’ and that was the way Laban introduced Jacob to his larger family. (Gen 29:14)
  10. Laban showed great love and hospitality to Jacob, not only because of custom, and not only because Jacob was his nephew; Laban also knew that Jacob would inherit a significant fortune from his father Isaac and that would be beneficial to him directly or indirectly. (Galatians 6:10, Isaiah 58:7)


  1. Father, take us to our destination safely this year. Bless all our journeys in 2021 with your mercy Lord and let us all end well.
  2. I declare and prophesy that in 2021, I and all my loved ones will be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right thing, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 29:1-2)
  3. Father, throughout this year and beyond, connect us divinely with men and women, that are significant to the fulfilment of our destiny, and the accomplishment of our mission, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 29:9)
  4. Lord, as from today, grant me and my children unusual strength, for unusual feat, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 29:10)
  5. Every stone, whether spiritual, material, psychological, financial, or physical covering the well of our marriage, ministry, career, or business, hear the word of the lord and give way immediately in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, please roll away every stone of affliction and sicknesses in our lives today in Jesus name (Genesis 29:10)
  6. Jacob’s blessing was already waiting for him in Haran, let us declare and prophesy that in 2021, the blessings that are meant for us, shall wait for us, the honour that belongs to us, shall not go to another, In FA, we shall not miss our season of visitation, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 29:9; 1 Samuel 16:11)
  7. Father, wherever we go as from today, let nations and government, be in harmony with God’s original intention, for our lives, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Genesis 29:13-15)
  8. Lord, just like you connected Jacob with Rachel, connect all our singles in FA divinely this year in Jesus name. We cancel the yokes of delays in their lives and pray that 2021 will be their year of marital settlement and glory indeed.
  9. Rachel’s diligence connected her to destiny, Father help me to be humble and diligent in whatever my hands find to do so that I can be connected to my own miracles and breakthroughs too.
  10. Father, Like Jacob, Answer all our prayers this year and grant all our requests so that we also can shed tears of Joy as our blessings are being released.

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