Isaac Lesson 9 – The End Does Not Justify The Means

(Read Genesis 27:33-46)

Discussion points

  1. Isaac was troubled as he suddenly realised his folly. He tried to work against the plan God revealed to him earlier as stated in Genesis 25:23 and it all boomeranged on him (Verse 33)
  2. We can see from this tragic story that we will always lose when we try to resist God’s will, even when we don’t like it just as it happened to Isaac and every member of his family. (Hebrews 10:31) (Verse 33)
  3. Esau did not come to repentance, because he did not acknowledge his sin. He blamed it on Jacob. He was sorry that he had lost the blessing, but not sorry for his sins. (Verse 36)
  4. Esau learnt in a hard way that there comes a point of no return in every man’s life when regret cannot bring a reversal of past decisions. (Verse 37)
  5. Where true repentance is lacking, true faith is also lacking. Our repentance as Christians should always be genuine and sincere, that is all God desires from us. (verse 37)
  6. Esau’s hatred against Jacob was out of pride and envy. Pride, in that his brother would be preferred before him regarding the covenant. Envy, in that his brother would enjoy greater prosperity (Verse 41)
  7. Isaac’s defiance and Rebekah’s deception created animosity between the two brothers. Their actions had separated the brothers from each other (Verse 41). Friends, we must be careful so that our actions do not tear our relationships apart through defiance, manipulation or deception.
  8. Esau despised the covenant promises, this led to bitterness on the long run and this bitterness further left him with murderous thoughts towards his brother (Verse 41)
  9. Revenge is a comforting thought to those who feel they have been wronged like Esau but we should remember that Vengeance is of the Lord. (verse 42)
  10. Rebekah’s plot will cost her a relationship with the son she greatly loves and favours (Genesis 25:28). The price she paid was separation from her son, which appears to have lasted for the rest of her life. Once Jacob left for Haran, he never saw his mother again. (Verse 43-45)



  1. As Christians no matter what is going on in our lives, we should learn to trust the Lord because He is always working out His good, acceptable, and perfect plan even when it seems circumstances are contrary to that plan. Men may fret at God’s counsel but cannot change it. God is in complete control of the universe, even when men attempt to overrule His decrees (Proverbs 16:9)
  2. The plan and purpose of God as expressed to Rebekah in Genesis 25:23 was perfectly accomplished without one alteration. (2 Corinthians 1:20)
  3. As Children of God, we should always admit and acknowledge when we are in the wrong rather than playing the blame game. (1 John 1:9, Proverbs 28:13)
  4. Sin will always lead to separation. It separates men from men, and men from God. (Isaiah 59:1-3)
  5. Though Isaac realised his wrongdoing in wishing to bless Esau instead of Jacob, he did not retract the blessings because he saw the hands of God in it. (Numbers 23:19-21)
  6. As Christians, our goal may be biblical (e.g., the salvation of others), and so may our motivation (faith), but our means may be totally wrong. Rebekah wanted the right thing. She wanted God’s will for her family, but felt she had to resort to manipulation and deceit to get it and it backfired on her. (Isaiah 55:8-9)
  7. There are no shortcuts to God’s blessings. Godly ends do not justify wrong means – Although it was God’s will to give the blessing to Jacob it was wrong for Rebekah and Jacob to try and gain the blessing through deception. (Proverbs 21:5NLT, Proverbs 19:2ESV)
  8. Don’t give up on what God has for you, Esau gave up his birth right and opened up a window for the devourer to cheat him out of the greater blessing. (Philippians 1:6, Jeremiah 29:11)
  9. A faithless perspective always results in sinful actions – (Hebrews 11:6)
  10. Rebekah underestimated the consequences of all her scheming and manipulation, for she thought that Jacob would only need to be gone for a short time, but Jacob we will find out that Jacob did not return until after Rebekah had died (Verse 43-45), The consequences of sin is not what we can afford, sometimes, it is far too costly. (Romans 6:23, Galatians 6:7-8, Pro14:12)
  11. Rebekah successfully manipulated Isaac into convincing him that it was imperative for Jacob to leave for Haran to save his life. (Genesis 27:46)

Prayer Points

  1. Father do not allow anything or anyone to derail the plans you have for my life.
  2. Lord, help me to always trust you to accomplish your will for my life.
  3. Father rid me of every sinful baggage and transform my past mistakes into a source of blessing today.
  4. My God and my Father, please deliver me from everything or anyone after my life and make a way of escape for me speedily.
  5. Father let there be a divine turnaround of everything that is dysfunctional in my family right now in Jesus name.
  6. Esau missed out of the greater blessing because of his foolishness, Lord, grant me the Grace to access all the blessings you have for me and my household and help us to take full possession.
  7. Father take away from our lives every spirit of envy and hatred and replace them with your agape Love.
  8. O Lord, by your mercy exempt me and my family from the consequences of our sins, and rescue us from every form of calamity in Jesus name.
  9. Father reveal, expose, destroy and frustrate every plot of the enemy to cause us harm and sorrow.
  10. Father let us enjoy heaven’s dew and the earths richness in abundance as individuals and corporately for the remaining days of 2020 and beyond in Jesus Name.

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