Isaac Lesson 2 – Stop Trading Your Birthrights

(Read Genesis 25:27-34)

Discussion Points

  1. Like so many siblings in a family, Jacob and Esau were very different from each other in their personality and taste. (verse27)
  2. ‘Isaac loved Esau and Rebekah loved Jacob’ – we must be careful as parents not to show favouritism among our children because it does not encourage healthy relationships between those children. (verse 28.
  3. Each son acted consistently with his own natural inclination. Esau hunted and Jacob cooked. (verse29)
  4. The devil is always out to deceive and steal our most prized possession. Jacob knew that the birth right was valuable and he wanted it by all means. (verse 30)
  5. It is wrong to take advantage of others especially in their state of vulnerability, Jacob took advantage of Esau’s vulnerable state of hunger. (verse 31)
  6. Esau despised his birth right for a mere pot of stew. We constantly trade our birth rights everyday as we tend to compromise our stand, our faith, our values, our beliefs, our loyalty, our obedience, our truths, Our love and even and our salvation. (verse 32)
  7. Esau sold his birth right because he attached no importance to the spiritual heritage connected to it. He only placed values on temporary desires like we all do most of the time. (verse 32)
  8. Temporary pleasures can force us into making hasty decisions which would eventually affect us and possibly our lineage adversely and this is why as Christians we should always be prayerful and ask God for direction and guidance at all times. (Matthew 26:41, Gen 25:32)
  9. Jacob might have been guilty of scheming in the flesh to gain something God said was already his. Yet this was all part of God’s plan. (Gen 25:23, Gen. 25 v 33)
  10. Though Esau’s character was not the basis for God’s choosing (He chose Jacob over Esau before they were born), Esau’s character ultimately showed the wisdom of God’s choice. v34



  1. There is God’s uniqueness in every human being he created. Whilst Esau loved to be out in the field, his brother Jacob loved to stay at home. We all have our distinct differences which exhibits the greatness of God – verse 27. (Isaiah 64:8)
  2. We are to God like clay in the potter’s hand, so our creations are to fulfil specific purposes. (Isaiah 43:7)
  3. Although both Jacob and Esau consistently acted with their natural inclinations but God’s purpose would always override and manifest. Matt 24:35
  4. Part of the reasons Esau became a skilful hunter was because he was passionate about what he does.We can become skilful / experts in whatever God has put in our hands to do too through diligence. Friends, to become skilful, we must emulate Esau in putting our talents to good use consistently and not bury them – (verse 27, Matt. 25:14-30)
  5. Parental favouritism is unacceptable and wrong. When parents play favourites with the children, it breeds bitterness and hatred. Any display of preferential treatment is a destroyer of any family group. Christ loved us equally to give his life in exchange for ours, so we should love one another – verse 28. (James 2:1, John 3:16)
  6. Jacob’s love for Esau probably became deeper because of the venison he regularly receives from him.A man’s gift will always make room for him.  As Christians we should continue to sow our seeds in all season as there would eventually be a harvest time – verse 28. (Proverbs 18:16)
  7. The dinner table is a place of connection for families which explained why Jesus was in the habit of dinning with his disciples.Families should cultivate habit of dining together to promote family bonding time – verse 29-32. (Acts 2:46 Act 2:7).
  8. Every decision or action has consequences.We should think carefully about the consequences of our actions and pray steadfastly as they may have far reaching effects on us and our generation.  Esau not only sold his birth right but altered the destiny of his lineage – verse 33 (Galatians 6: 7).
  9. The birth right belonged to the oldest son and included important rights, responsibilities, honours, and the inheritance one would receive by being their father’s oldest son. Esau lost the right, the honor, to receive the blessing by trading his birth right for fleeting pleasures. That was a costly cup of stew. (Genesis 25:31)
  10. Living for instant gratification will eventually rob you of your spiritual blessings and heritage. (Galatians 5:16)

Prayer Points

  1. We are all unique – carefully and wonderfully made.Father, let my uniqueness single me out of the crowd and take me to higher realms in life.
  2. Father let your purpose for my life be established.I refuse to bury my talents and I declare that my existence together with all members of FA would not be in vain in Jesus name.
  3. Father, put your mark of approval on me and my entire household.Satisfy us daily with your favour, love and mercy.
  4. Esau suffered preferential treatment from his mother, Father let your true love exists in my household.
  5. O Lord help me to make the right decisions always.Because of our past mistakes, myself and my loved ones will not live a life full of regret and sorrow in Jesus name.
  6. Father Lord, help me not to trade or give up my destiny either knowingly or unknowingly.Please reverse any foolish decisions that I might have made in the past that is now affecting /haunting my   life.
  7. Jacob seized the opportunity of a lifetime by capitalizing on Esau’s vulnerability to win an enviable inheritance.Father, endow me with your wisdom so that I can recognise opportunities that you bring my way and seize them.
  8. Father, let the unity and love among all members of Freedom Arena increase.Let your true love reign among us in Jesus name.
  9. Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated, Malachi 1:2-3.Father, have mercy, no one in FA will be marked for hatred and rejection. We blot out every evil handwriting of hatred with your blood as from today.
  10. Lord, please help me not to make a mess of my destiny because of temporary pleasures that does not last.

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