Abraham Lesson 24 – It is God’s thing

(Read Genesis 24:35-54)

Discussion points

  1. God’s blessings cannot be hidden. God blessed Abraham greatly and caused him to become great. Even his servant attested to that. (verse 35)
  2. Abraham’s servant brought good news to Abraham’s relatives about him. Abraham had left home at the request of God, and probably, they had not heard from him since he left. They were happy to know he was alive, and of all his blessings. (verse 36)
  3. Abraham’s servant in explaining his message repeated exactly the oath that his master made him take and the charge that he gave him, much in the same language as in Genesis 24:3. He didn’t take away or add anything to the instructions. (verse 37 – 39)
  4. Abraham never doubted that God would lead his servant to the right woman for Isaac. (verse 40)
  5. The only thing Abraham desires from his servant is loyalty and diligence in carrying out his specific instructions irrespective of outcome, which in effect releases the servant from any oath taken. (verse 41)
  6. Eliezer, Abraham’s servant prayed. He committed his assignment to God and asked for help to succeed. Friends, Prayer is that key that moves the hand of God to act on your behalf, do not abandon your prayer altar (verse 42)
  7. Eliezer worshipped and blessed God of Abraham his master who answered his prayers for help in his task. He believes in the God of Abraham because the life of Abraham was full of testimonies. (verse 48)
  8. Faithfulness in the bigger things of life can only come by first being faithful in the smaller things. Performing a humble task for a stranger proved to be faithfulness in the small things which led to becoming a bride of a wealthy man who was in a covenant relationship with Christ. (verse 46, 51).
  9. When it is a God’s thing, no man will be able to object or stand against it. Laban and Bethuel were fully persuaded that giving Rebekah’s hand in marriage to Isaac was God’s will. (verse 50)
  10. Abraham’s kindred and future in- laws (for Isaac) responses to his servant’s messages indicated that they know and believe in the true God. This in effect made Eliezer to bow down and worship God. (verse 50 – 51)
  11. Abraham’s servant was loyal and faithful right to the end. He shared with, and blessed his young master’s (Isaac) new wife, his in-laws and kindred with Abraham’s wealth. He treated them as family. (verse 53 – 54)


Diligence and Loyalty

  1. When God blesses a man, the whole world must see it because it can not be hidden. God blessed Abraham greatly and caused him to become great to the extent that his servant can boldly talk about his masters’ wealth before people he met for the first time. As children of God, His blessings are meant to protect us, guide us, empower us, and give us hope. The people of the world will see it and will not be able to discountenance it. (James 1: 17, Philippians 4:19, 2 Corinthians 9: 8, Psalm 67: 6)
  2. It is humility that makes a man testify to the doings of God. God loves testifiers. He revels in it. Abraham’s servant testifies to the love and favour of God upon his master and Sarah his wife even mentioning the birth of Isaac in their old age. When we stand before people to talk about God’s love, goodness and blessings towards us, let us be clear that we are not boasting but we are saying what we say to acknowledge and return all the glory to God the giver of all blessings. Testifying is recommending God to the listener and it is a great act of worship. (Psalm 92:1, Revelations 12:11)
  3. When given a task or an assignment, we should follow through and carry it out to the letter. We should be faithful to the task and to the one that set us the task, and not deviate from it through our personal understanding, interpretation or actions. Our words must be our bound. (Psalm 119: 105, Mark 16: 15, Isaiah 6:8)
  4. Our God is a God of all possibilities. He is the Almighty, the one who can do all things. All we have to do is trust Him completely irrespective of what was, what is and what we do not comprehend. Without our absolute trust in God, we are actually holding Him back from unleashing the might of His power on our behalf. (Proverbs 3: 5, Romans 10:11. Hebrews 11:1)
  5. Just like Abraham wishes for diligence and loyalty from his servant in the task that he committed to him, so also is God seeking diligence and loyalty in the assignment He gave to us as Christians…. Go ye to the world and preach the gospel….How diligent are you to this mandate and how loyal are you to the one that sent you? (Mark 12:30, Revelations 2:10, Deuteronomy 7:9.
  6. Without the help of God, we are nothing and can not achieve anything. We should not lean on our own understanding or strength or connection because oftentimes, they fail us. Rather, we should go on our knees and commit that task, that situation, that challenge to God, the one who can proffer solution to all situation. (Psalm 55:22, Psalm 37:5, Matthew 11:28)
  7. As Christians, we should be direct and specific in our prayers and supplication to God our father. There is no point in beating about the bush and there is nothing wrong in asking God for specific signs as confirmation that our prayers is answered. God is ever ready to grant our requests whenever we call to Him in prayer. (Numbers 14:28, James 4:3, Matthew 7:7, Psalm 145:18)
  8. We must worship and return all the glory to God at all times, most especially when we receive answers to our requests from Him. It is not something that must be postponed as thanking God is a thing that must be done consistently, continually, and constantly. Worship shows our appreciation and love to God and serves as a key to open the door for more answered prayers. (Psalm 150: 1-6, Psalm 29:2, Psalm 34:1)
  9. Be a true and worthy ambassador of Jesus Christ just like Eliezer, Abraham’s servant. He was faithful and focused on his mission, and would not be distracted from its fulfilment even at his personal discomfort. As Christians and true children of God, let us be fully focused on the business of God and its accomplishment. Say NO to distraction. (Proverbs 4:27, 2 Corinthians 5:20)
  10. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we must be sensitive and careful to know the type of people we let into our life and family. What do we have in common with them? Do we believe in the same God? We should never be carried away but be sensitive and observant so as not to mistakenly let the wrong people into our life and family. By their language and utterances, you can to a large extent know who they are. Luke 6: 43 -45, Amos 3:3)
  11. Abraham’s servant talked about and gifted Abraham’s blessings to his kindred. As a true child of God who has been gifted and blessed with salvation through the knowledge and relationship as joint heir with our Lord Jesus Christ, we should also share this gift and benefits of our blessings and relationship with Him, with our family, friends and neighbours. (Matthew 28:19)


  1. Oh Lord, make me and my household a point of reference as from today, let our testimonies draw others to you.
  2. Lord I know that we are in the end times, empower me to be a good ambassador of heaven. Help me to keep redeeming the times in these days of evil.
  3. Oh Lord, please help me to follow your wish and commandments to the letter. Grant me the power to obey you completely.
  4. Oh God of all possibilities, please help my faith and trust to be continually steadfast in you.
  5. Father, please endue me with the spirit of diligence and loyalty to carry out your assignment for my life.
  6. My father and my God, please help me to rekindle the fire upon my prayer altar. Let my prayer life be ignited as from today.
  7. Sweet Holy Spirit, guide me when I pray, I do not want to pray amiss. Let all my prayers be answered promptly and with signs following.
  8. Eliezer prayed to the God of Abraham because the hand of God was clearly seen upon his life, Father, let men turn to my God because of your wondrous works upon my life.
  9. The servant carried a portion of his master’s wealth, O lord make me a carrier of your Glory for the rest of my life. I declare that wealth and honour will be in my house forever.
  10. Sweet Holy Spirit help me to be careful and sensitive physically and spiritually. Let me not be yoked together with people that don’t know you.
  11. Lord Jesus, as I am enjoying the gift and blessings of knowing you, please help me to diligently share the good news and blessings with others.

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