Abraham Lesson 23 – Loyalty is a Virtue

(Read Genesis 24:17-34)

Discussion Points

  1. Prayer is no substitute for action. Abraham’s servant acted on time, he ran to meet Rebekah as a soon as he saw her and introduced himself to her. (verse 17)
  2. Rebekah was respectful, hospitable and exhibited great character. We must show love and hospitality to strangers and remember that people may not read the bible but they are studying our characters as Christians and reading us. (verse 18)
  3. The servant was surprised at the providence of God and how God pays attention to our short simple prayers, we can see that he patiently waited for a complete confirmation of his prayers. Friends, let us wait for God’s time – for faithful is he that has promised and he will do it. (verse 21),
  4. When in a serious relationship, it is important to know the family you want to marry into. We can see in our study today that God works through families. When the lord had made clear to the servant that Rebekah was his chosen one for Isaac, then the servant sought the support and approval of her family. (verse 23)
  5. In humble acknowledgment of the favors he received from the lord in being thus providentially directed throughout this journey, Abraham’s servant bowed down in worship to the lord. We must always show gratitude to our maker for all he has done for us and still doing. (verse 26)
  6. It is hard to steer a parked car, if we want to be guided by the Lord, then we need to make a start first and be on way. Enrol for that course, make a move in the right direction, apply for the job, write that book, share that experience, and then God can guide you to a successful completion if you ask him to do so. Just start from where you are. (verse 28)
  7. A day that started out as an ordinary day has now turned out to be a remarkable life changing day for Rebekah. God daily loads our days with benefits and has divinely arranged miracles on our way, don’t write yourself out of what God has in store for you. For Rebekah, destiny had just happened. (verse 28)
  8. A man’s gift always makes room for him and will make him to stand before kings. Abraham’s servant was treated with honour and given a kind reception by Rebekah’s family plus everyone that was with him. We must learn to give at every opportunity, always let your giving speak for you. (verses 30-31)
  9. Judging from Laban’s response to this stranger, we can see that he was clearly motivated by greed. He displayed intent and a covetous disposition when he saw all the gifts that Abraham’s servant blessed her sister, Rebekah with. No matter what our financial position is, let us be careful never to be entangled with the love of money or material things. (verse 31)
  10. Abraham’s servant was focused on his mission and would not be distracted from its fulfilment, like every true Servant, Eliezer put his master’s business before his own ease and comfort. (verse33)
  11. Eliezer was loyal to Abraham even behind his back. To be an example of the master’s faithful messenger, we must be loyal, committed, humble and selfless. (verse 34)


God is in charge….so, Relax!

  1. Always seize every opportunity to do good. (Galatians 6:10 NIV, Gen 24:18)
  2. God is able to do mighty things and to work things out according to his plan even if we do not belief. (2 Timothy 2:13)
  3. When we walk in God’s will through the leading of the Holy Spirit, then we will enjoy the presence and the blessings of God in full. (Deut.5:33)
  4. When he saw that his prayers had been answered, Abraham servant bowed down his head and worshipped the lord. Gratitude they say is the seed for more. (1thessalonians 5:16-18, Psalm 69:30)
  5. God desires your worship. What we win by prayers, we must wear with praise. When God’s favours are coming towards us, we must meet them with our praises. (Psalm 34:1, Psalm 100:4). Remember to return all the glory to God for all his blessings towards you including answered prayers. (1 Chronicles 16:29)
  1. A man’s gift maketh room for him, Abraham’s servant positioned himself for a blessing by being a blessing first. (Proverbs 18:16, Proverbs 17:8)
  2. Knowing Laban’s character from his conduct afterwards, we can conclude that a hope for a reward from the servant compelled him to show kindness and invite him home to some sumptuous dinner. When we do good to others, we must not expect anything in return because it is only God that can truly reward. (Luke 6: 34-35)
  3. Friends, we must be careful not to allow the glitter of wealth to catch our eyes and to captivate our affections. (Ecc.5:10)
  4. Abraham’s servant refused to be distracted, he was focused on his task. In our world today, we struggle with distractions as Christians and many of us are conforming to worldly ways. We must pray not to lose focus and be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:2, Genesis 24: 33, John 4:34)
  5. Working through desire of his master, the servant went out on this journey and as he acknowledged God in all his ways, the lords directed his steps. (Psalm 3:5)
  6. God was in charge of the servant’s journey from the start and he brought him to an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 23:18)


  1. By divine revelation, I recognize every opportunity God is bringing my way and I use them for His glory and for my prosperity in Jesus name.
  2. O Lord, be with me and let your hand of Grace and favor rest upon me mightily
  3. God of all flesh, whenever I call upon you, please hear my prayers and take all the glory in my life.
  4. Lord Jesus, for the remaining days of this year and beyond, I refuse to embark on any journey that is void of your divine presence in Jesus name.
  5. Lord, in this special season of the year, I ask that you command men to favor me and every member of my household left, right and centre.
  6. God of limitless blessings, position FA and all its inhabitants for your limitless blessing as from today. Let this season favor us come what may.
  7. As from this moment, my gift will make room for me and I will not stand before mere men, I will stand before kings. My children will stand before kings, they will enjoy uncommon favor all the days of their life.
  8. I refuse to be distracted, Lord keep me on course, as our children return back to school, we reject every spirit of distraction and we clothe them with a garment of Praise.
  9. Help me to remain grateful to you O lord, I will never be ungrateful for all that you have done.
  10. Gehazi’s ministry was terminated because of greed, O lord, do not allow greed to cripple my destiny, please take greed far away from me.
  11. Lord, I surrender the remaining journey of this year into your hands, guide me and lead me, do not allow me or any member of my household to walk into trouble.

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