Jacob Lesson 8 – Put Away Your Idols

(Read Genesis 31:17-32)

Discussion points

  1. Jacob returned to Canaan (the promised land) together with all that he had. (v17 – 18)
  2. Rachel stole her father’s household gods when he was away. (v19)
  3. Jacob secretly left Paddan Aram without any goodbyes (v20-21)
  4. It took Laban three days to realise that Jacob had left because of the distance that had been created between both of them. (v22)
  5. Laban, taking his relatives, chased after Jacob in annoyance most likely with the intention to harm him. We must know that our enemies and dictators will not allow us to leave easily(v23)
  6. God appeared to Laban in a dream sternly warning him not to lay a hand on Jacob come what may. (v24)
  7. Laban confronted Jacob telling him how foolish he was to have left without any proper send-off. (v26-28)
  8. Laban like a bully that he was, boasted of his ability to be able to harm Jacob but for the timely intervention of God. (v29)
  9. Jacob was accused of theft. Laban believed that Jacob had stolen his household gods for whatsoever reason. (30)
  10. Jacob has full confidence that no one in his family was in possession of the false gods or any of Laban’s property, hence he placed a curse on whoever had the teraphim. (v32)


Not by human hands

  1. In secret, Jacob followed through on what God told him to do. Sometimes, for a person to make appreciable progress in life, the person may limit the numbers of people she or he brings into his/her inner circle. (Jeremiah 5:26)
  2. God had already told Jacob to go and promised him safe passage, Jacob was clearly acting in the flesh here, and he had no reason to sneak away or be afraid of Laban. (Exodus 33:14)
  3. Jacob actions were born out of fear. He thought that Laban would take his daughters away by force if he knew he was planning to return to his father’s house. (v31) Fear makes it impossible for us to reap the full measure of our blessings, Jacob did not wait to be celebrated with joy and singing before his departure. (2 Timothy 1:7)
  4. Rachel took away the idols of her father’s household which shows that she could not live without them. As Christians, Idolatry is an abomination before God therefore we must learn to put away our idols. (Exodus 20:3, Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:8)
  5. God speaking to Laban in a dream shows he had evil intention towards Jacob. God was protecting and looking out for Jacob all through. (Genesis 31:29)
  6. Laban confronted Jacob and rebuked him for not departing in peace. (Hebrews 12:14, 1 Samuel 26:23., Genesis 31: 26-28)
  7. It is a terrible thing to steal, worse of all was the fact that Rachel had brought a false god along (Exodus 20: 3)
  8. Jacob enjoyed the sovereign covering of the Lord throughout his sojourn in Laban’s house and beyond – because Jacob was on God’s side, the enemies of his progress were put on hold. (Romans 8:31, Proverbs 16:7)
  9. Our God is not made by human hands; he cannot be stolen like the gods of Laban’s household. (Acts 7:48, Acts 17:24)
  10. No one has the power to harm us except God allows them. It is imperative to know that, because Jacob was on God’s side, that was why he could talk to his enemies to back off. If God is for us, no one can be against us. (Luke 10:19, John 10:29)


  1. Let my life and ways be pleasing unto you, O lord.
  2. Father, have mercy on me today and warn my enemies not to carry out the evil in their heart towards me and my loved ones before it is too late.
  3. Put every enemy of my progress and destiny on hold as from today, O Lord.
  4. Father, change every evil utterance against the progress of my life and the life of every member of my family today.
  5. Father, harass every power that is bragging against me now. Put them to utter shame in Jesus name.
  6. Jacob studied Laban and knew him inside out, Lord, grant us the grace to study those we interact with so we can deal wisely with everyone.
  7. Forcefully deliver me from my enemies in Jesus name.
  8. Everything or everyone that has become an idol in my life, I surrender them to you today Lord. I declare that you are my God and there is no other.
  9. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Father, give me the grace to be contented with everything you have blessed me with. Don’t let me covet what belongs to another.
  10. O Lord, save me from the hands of violent men, take my secrets away from the hands of every evil custodian that I may have trusted in the past.

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