Abraham Lesson 16 – Divine Intervention

(Read Genesis 20: 1- 18)

  1. Several factors accounted for Abraham’s moving on to Gerar; he could have been terrified by Sodom’s destruction, Lot’s incest or the reproach Canaanites cast upon his kinsman (verse 1).
  2. Abraham lied that Sarah was his sister (verse 2). He had a pattern of lying whenever his life was in danger. He had used the trick before when he went to Egypt because of famine in his land (see, Genesis 12:11-13). No matter how much we love God, we may struggle with certain temptations.
  3. Dreams and visions are still some ways God reveals himself to us to instruct, correct, or admonish us, so we must take our dreams seriously (verse 3)
  4. Abimelech took Sarah out of a clear conscience, but the mercy of God held him back from committing adultery which could have destroyed God’s plan for Abraham. (verse 6)
  5. We must take our relationship with God seriously so He can advocate on our behalf when it matters. God validated Abraham as a prophet despite his mistake (verse 7).
  6. Abraham assumed that Abimelech was a wicked man and lied to protect himself instead of trusting God to work things out for him (verses 11-13)
  7. God is a merciful and gracious God. Abimelech returned Sarah back to Abraham (verse 14)
  8. Blessings can sometimes be hidden in difficulties. Abimelech blessed Abraham and his wife for the trouble he inadvertently caused them (verses 15,16)
  9. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and always set the captives free. Abraham’s prayer delivered Abimelech (verse 17)
  10. God’s divine intervention delivered Abimelech’s household (verse 17).


Do not lean on your own understanding

  1. Telling lies has consequences; people may exploit any weakness because of lying. No matter how difficult things are it I better to tell the truth and trust God to defend us (verse 2). (Psalm 9:10; Isaiah 12:2)
  2. God often protects us by frightening our adversaries from carrying out their plans though we may not be aware (verse 6). (Exodus 23:22; Psalm 138:7)
  3. No matter how difficult a situation is, if we trust God, and rely on Him completely, He will work things out in our favour, in His own way and time (Romans 8:28)
  4. We must not be too quick to judge people.; Rahab was a blessing to the spies who were sent to spy Jericho (Joshua 2:1-21)
  5. God can use even the ungodly to bless us. God still prospered Abraham through Abimelech (verse 15,16); (Proverbs 13:22; Ecclesiastes 2:26)
  6. We must be willing to forgive and pray for our enemies or those who persecute us as children of God (Proverbs 24:29; Mathew 5:7; James 5:16)
  7. Sin causes reproach but righteousness brings healing and peace. Abimelech did not know Sarah was Abraham’s wife, but his household was in captivity. The punishment was meant to change Abimelech and not to harm him, for immediately he set Sarah free, his household was delivered. God is merciful (Proverbs 14:34)


  1. Father let nothing uproot me, my family, and our church families from the place of peace and safety. I shall not see famine, war, or destruction in Jesus name.
  2. O Lord strengthen me to overcome temptations that may come my way, so I can please you. Everyone going through testing, grant them grace to persevere and win.
  3. Father, I trust in you, intervene and make a way for me through difficult situations.
  4. Lord reveal your mind to me through dreams and visions to guide and protect me.
  5. Father open my eyes to see blessings hidden in challenges and prosper me.  
  6. Father use unlikely people and situations to bless us, our church families and all the saints working your righteous cause all over the world.
  7. O Lord, for every mistake I have made in the past, forgive me, turn them to pathways for miracles to glorify your name.
  8. Father set the captives free from the hands of tormentors and terminate long term curses, in Jesus name.
  9. Father let your peace reign in our land.

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