Abraham Lesson 13 – Always be hospitable

(Read Genesis 18: 1- 16)

Discussion Points

  1. Abraham was obviously a very humble and hospitable person. He ran and bowed to the visitors even though he was not expecting anybody and did not even know who they were. (verses 1-2). That is what is expected of us as Christians.
  2. Meeting other people’s needs for food and shelter was and is still one of the most immediate and practical ways to obey God. (verses 1-2)
  3. Abraham welcomed them like royalty, urging them to stay and rest, thereby making them feel that by staying, they were doing him a favour rather than being an inconvenience. (verses 3-5)
  4. Abraham’s hospitality included the best of what he had-freshly made bread, butter, milk, a tender calf. (verses 6-8)God gave us His best, Jesus Christ, and so should we.
  5. Sarah and Abraham got their immediate reward-the promise of the child God had promised. (verses 9-10). God always rewards good.
  6. God knows everything about us. The 3 visitors knew Sarah’s name without Abraham disclosing it. (verse 9)
  7. The promise of God was amusing to Sarah and so she laughed, (verses 11-12) just like we sometimes do as Christians. We should remember that God is not a man that He should lie; what He says is what He will do.
  8. There is nothing too hard or impossible for God to do, no matter how impossible it may look to man. (verse 14)
  9. Sarah lied because she was afraid of being found out. (verse 15). Fear is the most common motive for lying, but we must desist from it because it may end up causing more complications.
  10. We must always be sensitive in the spirit. If Abraham had missed his opportunity, the 3 visitors would have by-passed him and gone off to Sodom without stopping. (verse 16)

Summary:- You never know who may come visiting!

  1. The bible urges us to always be hospitable to strangers because they may well turn out to be angels. (Hebrews 13:2). In today’s world, someone you entertain today may turn out to be your benefactor tomorrow. (Galatians 6:9; Luke 6:38)
  2. God will sometime send unexpected helpers of destinies into our lives. Joseph did not know the butler, but he was his destiny helper. (Genesis 41:9-13). David did not know Jonathan, but he saved David from his father Saul’s hand. (1 Samuel 18:3;1 Samuel 19:1-2)
  3. We should always give not just generously but cheerfully for it also has rewards. Abraham gave his visitors the best that he had, even involving Sarah his wife in the provision of food. She too, obeyed without questioning or grumbling. She was truly a virtuous wife. (Philippians 4:14-19;2 Corinthians 9:7; Proverbs 20:30)
  4. God hates lies of any type. (Exodus 20:16). Sometimes men cover it up by calling some ‘white lies’. No matter how small a lie is, it may prevent an individual from making heaven. (Revelation 21:18; Revelation 22:15)
  5. God is the God of all flesh and nothing can be impossible for Him. If He could make Sarah fruitful at the age of 90 years, then there is nothing He cannot do. (Jeremiah 32:27; Luke 1:37)
  6. Fear can sometimes cause an individual to sin. We should remember that God has not given us the spirit of fear. We should banish every spirit of fear from our lives, otherwise it may stand in the way of our miracles. (2 Timothy 1:7)



  1. Father baptise me with the spirit of humility, generosity and hospitality in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  2. Father, please always help me to be generous and hospitable to all people known and unknown in Jesus’ Name.
  3. Father let every reward due to me for my generosity and hospitality never elude me or my family members in Jesus Name.
  4. Every helper of destiny that you have assigned to me, divinely connect us in the Name of Jesus.
  5. Remove from me every spirit of fear that may get me into trouble in the Name of Jesus.
  6. Father, I know that there is nothing too hard for You to do. Please turn every impossibility of my life into possibilities in the Name of Jesus.

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