Abraham Lesson 14 – A preserved generation

(Read Genesis 19: 1- 16)

Discussion Points

  1. Lot experienced angelic visitation regardless of the perversion and depravity around him in Sodom. (verse 1)
  2. We should always show kindness and hospitality to the less privileged and those in need amongst us, particularly the homeless. Lot was very hospitable to the strangers, otherwise they would have spent the night on the streets. (verses 2 – 3)
  3. We live in a corrupt world; we must learn not to conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds – Sodom is a picture of a godless and perverted generation. (verses 4-5,8)
  4. Homosexuality is a sin. Homosexual behaviour is an abomination prohibited and condemned by God. (verses 4-5)
  5. Evil communication corrupts good manners they say, otherwise Lot would never have acted as he did. (verses 6-8)
  6. Your family is your priority, yet on the contrary, Lot tried to protect his guests at the expense of the safety of his daughters. (verses 6-8)
  7. Oftentimes, situations in life may tend to remind you of your past. The men of Sodom were quick to remind lot that he was a stranger in their midst. In such circumstances, we should not be discouraged, but hold on to God’s promises that our future is secured with Him. (verse 9)
  8. God is always ready to fight our battles. The angels smote the Sodomites with blindness on the spot and rescued Lot. (verse 10)
  9. Fear not, God will spare your life and that of all your family members. The angels made their mission known to Lot, that they had come to destroy Sodom but would save him because of his hospitality. (verses 12-13)
  10. God’s mercies endure forever more, for those that are His, but destruction awaits the wicked. (verses 15-16)


 SUMMARY:- God’s divine mercy on display

  1. There was but one good man in Sodom, and these heavenly messengers soon found him out. Wherever we are, we should find out those of the place that live in the fear of God and should choose to associate ourselves with them. (Matthew 10:11;2 Corinthians 6:14)
  2. Lot’s testimony in Sodom was a worldly testimony of compromise. Although he sat in the gate of the city (verse 1),the people had little respect for him. No wonder, when he warned his sons-in-law to flee, they thought he was joking. (Romans 12 :2). This is in contrast to Job’s testimony in Job 1:1  who everyone knew as God fearing and full of integrity.
  3. Sin is sin; there is no greater sin in the eyes of God. Lot offers a ‘lesser evil’ to the men of Sodom (Judges 19:23-24). Although his daughters are married, they remain virgins, another indication of the sin of the city; the men are homosexuals. Lot seems to be afraid that the men of the city will attack his house. Of two evils, the greater and the lesser – choose neither
  4. Compromise destroys testimonies. Lot himself was a righteous man who was grieved by the sin he saw around him (2 Peter 2:7-8), but because of his compromise few of his family and none of his friends were saved. (1 Timothy 6:9)
  5. Never change your moral standard to adapt to your current situation, Gen 19:7-8. It is easy to have moral standards when the pressure is off. But what about when the pressure is on? (verses 8 – 9)
  6. God will always give his Angels charge over you for protection and help in times of trouble, no matter what. Lots family was preserved from destruction because of him. They were kept safe by the direct intervention of God, whilst the enemies outside were struck blind. (Psalm 91:11)
  7. The life of Lot shows us that it is possible to have a saved soul and a wasted life. Lot would be saved, but his life would accomplish nothing, as in 1 Corinthians 3:15.
  8. Sodom was destined for judgment, but God wanted to spare Lot and his family. In the end, Lot was delivered despite his foolish decision to stay, “for the compassion of the Lord was upon him”. And so the whole point of the story, as we can see, is divine mercy.  (verses 15-16)



  1. Lord I need constant angelic visitation, visit me for good every morning, noon and night.
  2. We live in a city like Sodom, in a world that is full of sinners, and just as Abraham interceded for the people of Sodom so we are to plead for the multitudes of lost souls in our own city or in the world. So, we pray, Father, let your saving Grace find every lost sinner in our world today.
  3. Have mercy on all the nations of the world globally, help us to turn from our wicked ways so that we will not be consumed, rescue our world from destruction Lord.
  4. Every spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah in my life, die by fire now.
  5. As you struck the men who wanted to harm Lot with blindness, Father, strike my enemies with blindness so they cannot find me. Let their labour weary them out.
  6. As from today, let your angels take hold of my hands, the hands of my wife/husband, the hands of my children and every member of my household and take us out of danger, oppression and bondage this month and forever more in Jesus name.
  7. O lord, be merciful to me and my entire household, be merciful to your church and all its inhabitants. Let my destiny attract divine help from heaven.
  8. Preserve and spare our generation, O lord. Do not allow us to be wiped away in your anger. Please save every member of my family both nuclear and extended because of me.
  9. Lord, I receive timely help for myself and all my loved ones from this moment, I will not be stranded, I will not fall into the hands of violent men. Pray it for all your loved ones
  10. I decree this month; I shall not weep and neither will I see destruction.

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