Abraham Lesson 12 – Trust and Obey

(Read Genesis 17: 17 – 27)

Discussion Points

  1. Sometimes God’s promises may sound so ridiculous to the human mind that we may be tempted to laugh in disbelief as Abraham laughed. (verse 17a)
  2. It is not our duty as humans to ask God what, when or how of His miracles; our duty is to just believe. Abraham and Sarah’s ages would not stop God from doing what He wanted to do. (verse 17b)
  3. As a parent, we should always have the best interest of all our children at heart. Abraham feared that Ishmael may be forgotten by God, so he asked God for blessings for him too. (verse 18)
  4. God would reiterate His promises to us if and when He has to. He pulled Abraham back to insist that the blessings and covenant He was talking about were for the child Sarah would bear, not for Ishmael. (verse 19)
  5. God did not discard Ishmael. Even though he was not the promised child, God in His infinite mercy still blessed him on account of Abraham. (verse 20)
  6. Sometimes, God gives a specific time for His miracle to come to physical manifestation. God told Abraham that Sarah’s child Isaac would be born by the following year, and it came to pass. We should learn to wait for God’s appointed time. (verse 21b)
  7. God has periods of speaking with us, and periods when He leaves us to think about or act upon our discussions. (verse 22)
  8. We are to live by example. Abraham set the example by circumcising himself that very day as well as his whole household. (verse 23)
  9. Obedience is key in our relationship with God. Despite the pain and humiliation of circumcision in adulthood, Abraham followed God’s instructions. (verses 26-27)
  10. Abraham did not treat his slaves any different from his own relatives. He circumcised all of them as instructed. (verse 27)


Summary: Trust Him no matter what

  1. Even men and women of great faith may have occasional periods of doubt like Abraham did. At such times we should remember to stay focussed on Gods promises that can never fail and continue to obey Him. (Romans 4:19-21; Luke 1:34.38)
  2. Nobody is an accident on earth; we all have a purpose. Regardless of our circumstances or our backgrounds, God will never leave or forsake us just as he promised. We should just trust and obey Him. Ishmael may have started out as a mistake in human eyes, but he still enjoyed God’s blessings. (Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 8:18)
  3. Sometimes other people’s blessings are attached to our own relationship with God. Out of His mercy he still blessed Ishmael for Abraham’s sake. Potiphar was blessed of God because of Joseph. (Genesis 39:5). He also blessed Laban on account of Jacob. (Genesis 30:27)
  4. God is the owner of the times and seasons. He alone decides when our miracles will come to physical manifestation. We should therefore learn to be patient, trusting and obeying Him at all times. (Daniel 2:20-21; Habakkuk 2:3)
  5. Total obedience to God’s will is paramount to a successful walk with God. It should never be our will but God’s will. That is part of the Lord’s prayer. Even our Lord Jesus obeyed God the Father unto death. (Matthew 6:10; Matthew 26:39,42)


  1. Father, please strengthen me and help me to trust in you no matter what.
  2. Lord Jesus, please help me not to disappoint all those whose blessings are tagged to my walk with You.
  3. Father, please turn all my past mistakes into miracles in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  4. Father, please help me to be patient and wait for the appointed time of my miracles.
  5. Father, please help me never to question your ways, but to submit totally to Your will always.
  6. Father, please baptise me with the spirit of total obedience and trust in You.

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