Abraham Lesson 11 – The Covenant of Circumcision

(Read Genesis 17:1-16)

Discussion Points

  1. Even in Abraham’s old age, God still had a relationship with him and reminded him that He is the God, but he must keep walking perfectly. Sometimes we also need a reminder that God has not forgotten us. (verse 1).
  2. God will fulfil His part of the agreement He made with man and He expects us to do our part to enjoy the blessings He has promised. (verse 2)
  3. Falling face down before God, in our closet, or anytime we appear before Him is a sign of reverence and our readiness to do whatever He commands. We must never feel too proud to do this. (verse 3)
  4. Although Abram has tried to help God, by doing things his own way, God reassured him that His covenant still stands. God’s word cannot fail no matter how long we have been waiting. God does not forget what He has promised us. (verse 4)
  5. God is perfect in all His ways. He had to change his name from Abram (meaning exalted father) to Abraham (meaning father of multitudes). When God blesses, He showcases His majesty, power and glory to reveal that He is the doer. (verses 5 – 8)
  6. Keeping God’s covenant is Abraham’s (and his descendants after him) key to generational blessings. God’s standard has not changed, for He wants us to keep His commandments and show the generations after us His ways. (verses 9 – 10)
  7. Circumcision, a sign of obedience in all matters to God separated Abraham and God’s people from pagans to develop the pure worship of the one true God. (verses 10b – 11)
  8. Circumcision, required for every member of Abraham’s household, is a requirement of complete submission to God by everyone, young and old, regardless of status. (verses 12-14) Today, God requires the circumcision of our hearts.
  9. The change of Sarah’s name represents admittance into the covenant. God is mindful of us regardless of our age or circumstance. (verse 15)
  10. For God to give Sarah a son at ninety years old shows that all things are possible to those who wait on Him and that though weeping may endure for a while, joy surely comes in the morning. (verse 16)



God desires a relationship with us

  1. God has the same message for us today. We are to obey the Lord in every respect, regardless of the times, because He is God who has the power to bless us if we obey Him. (Isaiah 1:19; 2 Timothy 2:19)
  2. When God brings specific parts of His instructions to focus in our lives, He is ready to show the whole world His greatness. (Psalm 62:11; 2 Kings 13:23)
  3. Open heaven is guaranteed anytime we humble ourselves before God. (Joshua 5:14; Ezekiel 1:28)
  4. God has a plan, for everyone who put their trust in Him and in the fulness of time, He will do what He has promised. Many times, we have run ahead of God to do things our own way, but His covenant still stands. (Exodus 6:4; Romans 4:13)
  5. Sometimes we do not understand why we go through tough times, change in circumstances, relocation or separation but God may change things or circumstances to bring about greater revelations and testimonies that will give glory to His name. (Psalm 66:10; Zechariah 13:9; Romans 8:28)
  6. A covenant is an agreement between two parties with mutual benefits. As children of God, the covenant we have with Him, is as strong as His divine power and truth that establishes it, if we don’t miss it through disobedience. (Exodus 19:5; Psalm 25:10)
  7. God requires the circumcision of our hearts today as a symbol of cutting off the old life of sin, purifying one’s heart and dedicating oneself to God. (Deuteronomy 10:16; Romans 2:29; Romans 4:11)
  8. Physical circumcision is no longer required for salvation of all people. But circumcision of our hearts is a sign of spiritual commitment and focus. (Romans 2:28-29; Acts 15)
  9. Some blessings may seem delayed, perhaps we may ay have settled for them not to happen to us again, but suddenly God visits us because we are committed to Him for His covenant cannot be broken. (2 Corinthians 4:17; Psalm 126:5; Isaiah 54:7-8)


Prayer points

  1. Father give me the grace to walk perfectly before you so I can please you alone, all my life.
  2. Lord, bring to fruitfulness the seed you have planted in our hearts to glorify your name.
  3. Father, we bow in surrender to you, heal our communities and the world of every pain and let your light shine through every darkness.
  4. Lord, purify my heart, remove everything standing in your way, and give me a heart that always pleases you.
  5. Father bring your promises to pass in our lives and all our loved ones, wipe every tear, take away sorrow and shame and give us joy.

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