Abraham Lesson 7 – God always keeps His covenants

(Read Genesis 15:1-6)

Discussion points

  1. The devil has a way of introducing fear just when we think all is well. Abram had just rescued Lot and given tithes, yet he was afraid. This is similar to Elijah. (verse 1a;1 Kings 19:2-3)
  2. God’s protection over us is always sure. Abram may have been afraid of the kings he just defeated to rescue Lot, but God assured him to “fear not”. We as Christians should also rest on that promise to “fear not.” (verse 1a)
  3. God always gives us reasons to thank Him. He promised Abram divine protection and great rewards; not just rewards but GREAT rewards. (verse 1b)
  4. Instead of thanking God for His promise, Abram’s complaint was that God had given other people children except himself. Each person’s journey in life is different. The fact that everyone around us has something does not mean it is meant for us at that particular time. (verses 2-3)
  5. Man’s way of thinking is different from God’s. Abram was more concerned about his childlessness than the great rewards God promised him. Sometimes we tend to lose sight of important things and focus on the less important.(verses 2-3)
  6. Even though Abram loved and trusted Eliezer enough to entrust his household to him, he was still quick to point out to God that Eliezer was his servant, not a son of his own bowels. (verse 3)
  7. We should always be sensitive enough in the spirit to discern when God is speaking to us through His Word. Abram heard God’s Word twice so far. (verses 1,4)
  8. God is always quick to reassure us in the face of our doubts. He was quick to pick up on Abram’s worries and to put his mind at rest (verse 4)
  9. Just as we cannot count the starts in the sky, we cannot count God’s blessings for our lives. (verse 5)
  10. Abram eventually believed in God and became the father of faith. (verse 6)


God knows our doubts and fears

  1. When you fear what lies ahead, remember that God will stay with you through difficult times and that He has promised you great blessings. (Isaiah 43:1-2; Psalm 23:4; Psalm 91:1-3)
  2. Rather than have a complaining and grumbling spirit, we should always thank God for what we have. He is the owner of the times and seasons and He alone decides what is good for us per time. (1 Thessalonians 5:18; Daniel 2:21).What one considers and desires as a blessing may turn out to be a curse if granted at the wrong time.
  3. We should never lose sight of important things that God has said to us in the past. Abram totally forgot God’s previous promises to him in Genesis 12:2-3,7 and that God had blessed him as He promised. (Genesis 13:2)
  4. God is always ready to reassure us even in our place of doubt, fear or discouragement. When Joshua took over from Moses, he was full of fear and so he needed God’s encouragement. Whatever assignment God has given us, He will always give us the enablement to carry them out. (Joshua 1:6-7,9)
  5. God is always speaking; we must always also be listening. (Deuteronomy 28:1-2; Isaiah 30:21) We must remember that He remains faithful to His promises, even when we are not faithful. (Matthew 6:30-31)
  6. God’s blessings go far beyond our imagination. David as a shepherd boy never expected to be anything more than that, but he became a king. (2 Samuel 7:8). Joseph was nothing but a prisoner; he became a Prime Minister. (Genesis 41:39-41). Esther was only a slave girl; she became a queen. (Esther 2:17)
  7. God is more interested in our demonstration of our faith, not just in our faith. It was what Abram did whilst waiting for God’s promises to come true that was counted for him for righteousness. (Romans 4:1-3,16-21)

Prayer points

  1. Father, please remove every spirit of fear from me and my family, especially at these trying times
  2. Lord Jesus, help me to always implicitly trust in you at all times, knowing that You are faithful to Your Word.
  3. Father help me to always have reasons to thank you. Remove every spirit of grumbling and complaining in the Name of Jesus.
  4. Father, please help me to be sensitive in the spirit to hear you at all times, and the grace to obey whatever You tell me.
  5. Lord Jesus, help me not to focus on mundane issues but to focus on the important things of life.
  6. Father have mercy and forgive me for any acts of ingratitude of the past in Jesus’ Name.
  7. Father help me to be faithful at all times so that Abram’s blessings can locate me too in Jesus Name.

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