Thanking God for victories

I want to give glory to God the Father the maker of heaven and earth for the gift of life for myself, my immediate family as well as my extended family. I thank God for the success of the wedding ceremony in my family because God took control and everything went well .We give Him all the Glory. A week after the wedding my little daughter put something in her nose and I tried to remove it for her. Fortunately she was able to sneeze it out and a big ball of tissue paper came out of her nose. Shortly after that she was playing on her own and we did not realise that she had swallowed something else. She began to choke and her dad had to put his hand in her mouth and give her a big smack on the back. Lo and behold she vomited a roll of staple pins out of her mouth. I thank God for saving her life and not allowing the devil to snatch away the life of our daughter. Praise the Lord with me!

Sister D