March 2021

  • Jacob Lesson 7 – The Unchanging Changer

    (Read Genesis 31:1-16) Discussion points When Laban’s sons saw how prosperous Jacob had become, they became jealous and started to despise him. (v1) Jacob was very discerning as he noticed that Laban’s countenance had changed towards him. He wasn’t treating […]

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  • Jacob Lesson 6 – From Labor To Favour

    (Read Genesis 30:31-43) Discussion points Laban was apparently not ready to release Jacob yet, hence he asked the question ‘what shall I give thee’(V31) Jacob assumed that if he requested for all the abnormally coloured animals in Laban’s flock, Laban […]

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  • Jacob Lesson 5 – God Never Forgets

    (Read Genesis 30:14-30) Discussion points The hostility between Leah and Rachel, sisters of the same parents, but married to the same man, was obvious and painful. It is unhealthy for children to grow in an atmosphere of strife (v14-15) Envy […]

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  • Jacob Lesson 4 – Jehovah Has The Final Say

    (Read Genesis 29:31-35, Genesis 30:1-30) Discussion points The Lord looks with mercy upon the one who suffers and he is attentive to their hearts. Just because Jacob loves Leah less does not implies that God feels the same way hence, he […]

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