February 2021

  • Jacob Lesson 3 – What You Sow Is What You Reap

    (Read Genesis 29:15-30) Discussion points Laban wanted to appear to Jacob as a good employer of labour and as a good relative. (v 15) Laban had two daughters who were of marriageable age and so he immediately carved out a […]

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  • Jacob Lesson 2 – Divine Providence

    (Read Genesis 29:1-14) Discussion points God led Jacob to his destination safely as he had promised (verse1) God caused Jacob to sight a well which was a well of opportunity for him (verse 2) An obstacle was at the mouth […]

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  • Jacob Lesson 1 – The God Of Bethel

    (Read Genesis 28:10-22) Discussion points Jacob obeyed his mother and left Beersheba for Haran as instructed. (verse 10) For every one of God’s covenant children, there is a place that God has commanded our blessings. Experiencing the blessing of God […]

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