November 2020

  • Isaac Lesson 8 – Not Of Works

    (Read Genesis 27:22-32) Discussion points Isaac’s senses failed him. He was at first sceptical, and would have discovered the fraud if he could have trusted his own ears; for the voice was truly Jacob’s voice. (verse 22) We must desist […]

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  • Isaac Lesson 7 – Don’t Help God!

    (Read Genesis 27:11-21) Discussion points Jacob does not fear the Lord or his moral law. His objection of Rebekah’s proposal was simply because he was afraid of being caught in his deception. (v11) Isaac’s sight failed him in his old […]

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  • Isaac Lesson 6 – My Way Or God’s Way

    (Read Genesis 27:1-10) Discussion points The narrator of our text today described Isaac as being old at 137. The covenant of God with his children is that we live to a ripe good old age. (verse 1) Our times are […]

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