October 2020

  • Isaac Lesson 5 – Positioned For Blessings

    (Read Genesis 26:23-end) Discussion points God used conflicts to lead Isaac back to Beersheba, where Abraham had been before. As Christians, God uses adversities to draw us back to his presence. Verse 23 God again confirms His promise to Isaac […]

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  • Isaac Lesson 4 – Wells Of Enlargement

    (Read Genesis 26:12-22) Discussion points In the same year of famine, Isaac sowed in the land and reaped a hundred-fold because the Lord blessed him. (verse 12) Isaac was very industrious and enterprising and he prospered greatly as a result […]

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  • Isaac Lesson 3 – DEPENDABLE GOD

    (Read Genesis 26:1-11) Discussion Points In life, times of famine, crisis and adversities are inevitable, our responses and attitudes to these situations is what makes the difference. (verse 1) God forced Isaac to trust in his ability to provide, and […]

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