September 2020

  • Isaac Lesson 2 – Stop Trading Your Birthrights

    (Read Genesis 25:27-34) Discussion Points Like so many siblings in a family, Jacob and Esau were very different from each other in their personality and taste. (verse27) ‘Isaac loved Esau and Rebekah loved Jacob’ – we must be careful as […]

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  • Isaac Lesson 1 – Winning The War Within

    (Read Genesis 25:19-26) Discussion points There is a special focus on Isaac here as the preferred son because of the covenant relationship God had with him. Abraham had many sons but Isaac was the child of promise. (Verse 19) Isaac […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 26 – A fulfilled life

    (Read Genesis 25:1-11) Discussion points There is nothing wrong biblically to remarry after the death of a spouse as Abraham did after Sarah’s death. (Verse 1) God established many races through Abraham according to his promise of making him a […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 25 – A leap of faith

    (Read Genesis 24:55-end) Discussion points Love is kind! Rebekah’s relations wanted her to spend some more time with them, though they consented to her marriage (verse 55) Abraham’s servant never lost sight of his purpose for coming to Rebekah’s relations; […]

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