August 2020

  • Abraham Lesson 24 – It is God’s thing

    (Read Genesis 24:35-54) Discussion points God’s blessings cannot be hidden. God blessed Abraham greatly and caused him to become great. Even his servant attested to that. (verse 35) Abraham’s servant brought good news to Abraham’s relatives about him. Abraham had […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 23 – Loyalty is a Virtue

    (Read Genesis 24:17-34) Discussion Points Prayer is no substitute for action. Abraham’s servant acted on time, he ran to meet Rebekah as a soon as he saw her and introduced himself to her. (verse 17) Rebekah was respectful, hospitable and […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 22 – When God is involved

    (Read Genesis 24: 1 – 16) Discussion Points God blessed Abraham in ALL good things i.e. ripe good old age, wealth, wisdom, heir, power, everlasting joy and every good thing desirable by men. These were his rewards whilst here on […]

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