July 2020

  • Abraham Lesson 21 – The God of all Comfort

    (Read Genesis 23:1-17) Discussion Points Obedience to God ensures that one enjoys multiple covenants. The covenant of long life worked for Sarah and she lived to a ripe full old age. (Verse 1) Aging and dying is a natural process […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 20 – THE REWARDS OF OBEDIENCE

    (Read Genesis 22:14-24) Discussion Points Abraham did not name the place in reference to the trials he experienced rather he named the hill prophetically in reference to God’s divine provision knowing God would provide the ultimate sacrifice for salvation on […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 19 – GOD WILL PROVIDE

    (Read Genesis 22:1-14) Discussion points Abraham had entered into a blood covenant with God but before the sealing of the covenant God put Abraham to test. (verse 1). God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son his most prized possession, the […]

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  • Abraham Lesson 18 – ISHMAEL MUST GO

    (Read Genesis 21: 14- end) God reassured Abraham that as painful and unpleasant as the situation might be, putting Ishmael away was the right thing to do. v14 The removal of Ishmael proves that God is continually working to advance […]

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